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I need some company- a short story.

Updated on April 5, 2012
i need some company!
i need some company! | Source

I need some company!

She was peeling the cooked prawns, staring outside the window, and he was cutting the salads facing the other side of the kitchen for the salad wrap that they planned to make before they went shopping together today. Going to the market for shopping on the weekends is the only task they had been doing together in the last 2-3 years which she, Rita, called a “boring routine to survive”. Stu, Rita’s husband, was mostly busy with programming websites, messaging in facebook and playing games on his mobile, all of which kept him more attached to the indoors than outdoors. Even when they went somewhere occasionally, his connection to the electronic gadgets would never stop, as he would start playing games or reading news on his mobile; whether on the train, on the bus, or in the park.

Today, the house was full of silence with only sounds of cutting cucumber being heard. This kind of silence had been something Rita often experienced. She was used to being the silence breaker most of the time, but today she was quiet. With a tired look on her face, she kept staring at those beautiful clouds outside of the window. “I wish I could fly and live on those clouds…there seems to be so much happiness and I could talk to them and play with them” she thought. She always got lost in the world of imagination, which she found happier and fuller of liveliness than her real life.

There was Stu’s cousin, Justin, sitting on the sofa quietly using the computer, and Stu was still quietly cutting the vegetables. Soon, the sensation of hatred passed inside her heart because of feeling so empty and so lonely in spite of the presence of two people at home.

To break the silence, she asked Justin, “Facebook huh”?

He replied, “ya”, without lifting his head up.

She said nothing more. Silence again. She thought, “Everyone is busy with their stupid gadgets, and nobody would have time for humanly contact anymore as there are these stupid computers and mobiles around all the time”. She felt annoyed inside.

Stu interrupted the silence again, and said “I am done with cutting” in a lazy voice. She turned back and looked at the prepared bowl of salad, and she saw that he was yet to finish cutting all the vegetables and fruits that she wanted him to cut. She felt frustrated, but requested in a nice way, still peeling her prawns, “Please finish up making the salads, I have got this many prawns to peel, I won’t be able to finish everything on my own.”.

He started cutting other vegetables, and she felt relieved. Stu would rarely help her with the household chores, as most of the time he would be busy with making websites and games on the computer, which she used to be excited about for the first two years of marriage; but, lately, she had been hating it more than anything else, as he had become more and more addicted to the internet and games, rather than spending time with her. Sometimes, she felt really jealous of the computer as it would take all his time at her expense.

She prepared the salad wrap, and served it. She saw that Stu was already busy with surfing the Internet in his mobile, and Justin was still busy with his computer. To catch their attention she shouted, “Any plans for tonight?...” in a nervous laughing tone. Justin smiled, but his eyes were still rested on the computer, and Stu didn’t show any sign of coming out of his mobile, where he was busy with replying to the messages. She felt furious and helpless.

They ate the wrap. She tried to sit down and surf the internet, as it was getting really silent and boring in the room. But she was not able to stay there for long, and she turned around and started looking outside the window to those beautiful floating clouds. There was utter silence in the room again, with only sounds of salad crunching being heard.

She broke the silence and said to Stu, “Honey let’s go to the park….”.

Stu declined, “I am tired, my feet are hurting”.

She remembered that she had pushed him to take her to the city and visit the beach yesterday, because she really wanted to go out with someone and relax a bit before she started working again in a new job. As always, as soon as they came back from their walk, Stu again sat down to use the computer, and got lost in it for hours before he went to sleep

She requested again, “I am really bored, it is good to be out of the house sometimes”

Still busy with posting messages through his mobile, he refused. “I am sorry honey, not today”.

After a few minutes, she got a message on her mobile, “It is really fresh outside, but I am missing my stranger friend”. It came from a man that she had befriended just last month, after they noticed each other walking around the beach on weekdays. A sudden happiness ran inside her, and she went for a walk!

Note: The story and all the characters in this story are fictitious.

My reflection with this story:

As people are getting more and more attached and addicted to the social networking medias via electronic devices such as mobile and computer in the modern society, the real humanly relationship is at stake. People are giving more and more attention and time to check the "updates" in the social networking media and are neglecting the need to communicate with their own real life-partner. As a result, the building up of the emotional fluctuation between couples is constantly increasing. Many suggest that it is important, on part of the each partner, to avoid getting too addicted and obsessed with the social networking medias so as to avoid the destruction of the loving relationship.


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    • rosika profile image

      rosika 5 years ago

      Thank you for stopping by, commenting and sharing Ruby H Rose..

    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Yes, yes and double yes. Very good reminders that people are the reason we share all this stuff. Keep on writing, good read, thumbs up and shared.

    • Zainnisar profile image

      Zainnisar 6 years ago from Little Island, Heart.

      Hey Rosika, Nice account of everyday life. Its unfortunate to take people around us to be for granted and consuming ourselves in gadgets but I think whether its respect or love we have to make others to give us and never let them go easy on us. I was talking to my mom about my marriage and biggest concern was exactly that once she is married she will be all relaxed and stop taking care of herself and me and will be busy in watching TV shows all the day and will not give a Damn until I am interested in someone else,

      So, balance in people and gadgets and keen interest in other person by both is really important. Its life not web that you can fall in love with the one click and exit with another.

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 6 years ago

      Rosika, thanks for taking the constructive criticism in the spirit that was intended. The more times I read the story, the less I like that guy - he obviously doesn't know a good thing. One day, he'll be sitting there all alone, perhaps.

      As for suggestions, and only since you've asked. You have written this story in the past tense, and should stick to it throughout (except in the author's note at the back, which is more like an editorial). Only use present tense where something is truly timeless, if at all. If you talk about one of your characters, use past tense. If you, as the author, makes a universal point not attached to any particular character or event (e.g.: "The Earth is round, so what can we do?"), you can use the present tense. Of course, you can always use present tense in dialog. But in this story, you alternate between the two without reason. Good luck!

    • rosika profile image

      rosika 6 years ago

      Thank you "acaetnna" for liking my story.

    • rosika profile image

      rosika 6 years ago

      Thank you "Website Examiner" for your comment and correcting me...I've already changed it! I didn't realize that "a company" would sense differently. Would love to get more of your suggestions :)

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 6 years ago from Guildford

      I totally agree with Website Examiner, your title must be changed ... this is an awesome article ... well done!

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 6 years ago

      This is a very relevant theme you are describing here. It makes a lot of sense someone would feel this way, people drifting apart without really knowing why. By the way: "I need some company" would be much more appropriate for a title and your headline. "A company" means a business.