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Let there always be Hope

Updated on July 9, 2017

Let there always be hope.

When the cerulean sky embellished with little fleecy white clouds of nebulous beauty;

Suddenly is cloaked by the blanket of nature’s wrath,

Let there always be hope that the golden scintilla of the blazing orb of fire;

Finds it’s way through the darkness, as a persistent aftermath.

When you look at the mirror and all you envision are scars and deformities,

Loathing oneself for overbearing the limit of conventional adipose quantities,

Let there be hope that a pair of eyes substitute the mirror;

And love you for being the brave survivor of those marks and imperfection;

Intrigued by mystery hidden among those curves and pays attention.

When affairs of your immature past;

Compels you to spend sleepless nights, petrified of the shadows cast;

Stalks you through every curve and bend you take;

Like a ticking time bomb, in each corner;

Waiting to explode putting your every chance of happiness at stake.

Let there be hope that the strength of your present,

Be vehement enough to wrangle against the demons of your past,

And emerge an awe-inspiring winner, enlightened and potent,

With a magnificent competence of never allowing ‘whats’ and ‘ifs’ to stand in way of becoming a’what if.’

When failures, like a soaring hungry vulture,

Waits to feed upon the carcasses of your ruined attempts,

Profoundly wishing to peck at the gradual decline of your once unfaltering determination, now unkempt.

Until you are circumspect and sore from trying it one more time.

Let there be hope that the wings of the vulture are not sturdy still;

To reign over the gravity of your fierce will;

And eventually plummets to death into an ocean;

Where only your mercy drives the waves’ victorious motion.

Let there always be hope;

For it is the only abstract element that makes us see love in light breezes and euphoria in rustling leaves.

For it is the only indefinable matter that serves as a companion to our loneliness and cure to the pain life weaves.

For it is the only creation in the world that HE made can never lead to an anticlimax letting us down.

For it is the rhythm of that ultimate truth that makes the earth spin on its axis, round and round.


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