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About Me

Updated on February 8, 2015

Squidoo Lens (Hubpage) About Me

Hello and Thank you for visiting my "About Me" Hubpage which previously was a Squidoo Lens. I kind of don't like that Squidoo merged into Hubpage. My name is Vladimir Yasmenko and I loved using Squidoo, now I'm trying to like Hubpage. Since these publishing sites are so fun I have decided to pay more time and attention to what I create and publish on them.

I have joined Squidoo in March of 2010 and created some simple lens and pretty much didn't do much here for almost two years. From time to time I noticed how people refer to Squidoo as an important tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and for SEM (Search Engine Marketing). So in 2012 I decided to spend more time exploring this fun place and I did realize and learn how Squidoo really is an amazingly useful tool for SEO and SEM.

Also, I created a Hubpage a while ago under "genuinaid" username, but after Squidoo-to-Hubpage merging I now have another Hubpage under "genuineaid lm" username... lame I know.


Not only is it beneficial for my blogs and social networking, but Squidoo was extremely fun to use. I love the little rewards they give out for your accomplishments, especially the unexpected ones :) Hubpage is somewhat similar though too.

After creating a few lenses/hubpages I began to learn and understand about the importance in quality content on Squidoo and Hubpage. This led me into getting interested in becoming a Squidoo angel and in joining a Giant Squid Club. I don't know if I'll succeed but I sure will try my best :) Actually after reviewing the requirements for Squidoo angels and for Giant Squid Club I saw that to have an About Me lens is a requirement, so that is why I've created this lens.

So, please feel free to scroll down if find out more about me on this Fun About Me Squidoo Lens (or as we all know it, a Hubpage) :)

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More About Me

About My Work and Interests

Hobbies, Work, Interests, etc...

So here is some more details about me. I graduated from Ferris High School in 1997 and I got a Web Development Certificate from Spokane Community College later on. After graduating I became really interested in Web and Graphic designs, creations, and publishing. From time to time I like to play around with programming or more like editing PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML in my WordPress Blogs.

Also, I realized that I'm starting to more and more like Internet Marketing and Creative Article Writing. I really love being able to write up very beautiful, well-researched, and very useful articles which can be helpful for people and myself too. Since I try to please God and not people I try to do everything legal, honest, and to the best of my abilities. Of course from time to time I might slack a little, but that is why there are people and God's Spirit Himself to remind me about my lacking areas so I can work on them more.

The more I read and research about quality content - the more I want to and do put it to use with my Blogs and Social Network places like Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, Hubpages, LinkedIn, Delicious, Google+, and so on... Also, I am getting sick of spam more and more often, so I try really hard to Not let myself spam anything or anyone. Please forgive me if I spammed you in anyway, I didn't mean to, I seriously and honestly and most likely just wanted to sell/promote something very useful and probably to make money from that sale.

Currently my favorite products, networks, or tools that I really love working with are WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Squidoo, and Facebook. Yep, that's right, Squidoo got in front of Facebook. Believe it or not but during this year I totally realized the benefits and the importance of Creative High Quality Squidoo Lenses. From now on that is all I'm planning to create on Squidoo are high quality, beautiful, legit, clean, and very useful Lenses. To learn more about my own blogs, just scroll down a little...


GenuineAid - Natural Health Blog, this is where I promote or talk about How To Projects at home, Natural Foods/Products, Organic Foods/Products, Nutrients and Health Benefits of specific Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, and even Meats.


Tintation - The Web Resources Blog, this is where I publish or talk about Computer, Graphic, and Web related Products, Software, Ideas, Designs, Colors, Tools, and Tips. If you ever get into issues with some virus, then check this blog to see if I have the solution for it. Also, if you are interested in Photoshop Tutorials, then definitely check my Tintation blog out.


GoRepent - Vlad's Bible Notes, this is my Bible Notes. I read the English, Russian, and Ukrainian Bibles and then based on what I read I put down simple little notes. This site also contains a full King James Bible in it for everyone to read. Also, you'll find some good Bible games and Bibles themselves which you may want to buy.

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