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absent muse

Updated on March 7, 2011
The muse is the guy in the chair
The muse is the guy in the chair | Source

absent muse

This is a slightly humorous commentary on myself and my absence from posting.....

I apologise for the late hour and all but I lost my muse... errrrr....maybe I should say that I misplaced my muse for a brief time. Yeah, that's it i misplaced it... I just wish I could recall where I left it,as I know I have more to write. I know many people are a bit disbelieving of the muse aspect,but it is real. The term muse refered to one of the dieties of the arts.It was rumored to be extremely helpful tomany that wrote, composed and acted, but I, personally,think everyone has a muse from the lowest laborer to the greatest thinkers in the world. Muses are portrayed in many movies, tv shows, and books.What many don't realise it that muses areas much a part of you as the fingers on your handsor the toes on your feet. So many ignore their muses that they eventuallylose theability to access them easily. I know I didn't ignore mine too much.At least I don't think I did. sure i went several years without writing anything then just started writing again as if I had never stopped .Then, unfortunately,life intruded on my musings and I set aside the muse once again. I did so expecting it to be sitting there waiting for me to come back after a brief absence and... it wasn't where I thought I left it.I hoped to be back writing sooner, but, I decided to try to relocate my muse again with little luck.I searched all my pockets and,other then some lint and some loose change and an old piece of butterscotch candy {still in its wrapper}, it wasn't there. So i sucked on that piece of butter-scotch and thought of where to look next. It wasn't in any of my drawers or in any of the unpacked boxed in the spare room my wife claimed as her sewing room. It wasn't outsode in my workshop or in the trunk of the car. In fact it wasn't in any of the places I frequented or looked.I was about to give up on the idea of ever finding my muse again when it hit meto send out a plea...IF anyone has seen my muse please tell it to come back so I can do some more writing....Tell it I miss it andwill have a hot cuppa waiting for it as well as some of its favorite snack as well {it loves cheese and crackers just like I do}.also let it know i have some pistaccios for it as well and that I will try not to ignore it so much anymore. I really miss my muse, I also would like it if it brought back my spellchecker as i seem to have left it with my muse (TG for Websters dictionary ).As to what my muse looks like well you know the picture I have on my profile? Well my muse doesn't look like the dragon (thats me ) its the one sitting in the chair.

(I have located my muse as you can see as well as my spellchecker it was right where it always was in my heart and soul where all muses reside)


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