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Advantages of Publishing Articles Regularly

Updated on December 26, 2013

*It can be really boring for many writers to work on old drafts or to develop them for publishing. This is mostly because they might not be in the mood to write especially when more interesting ideas keep coming or occurring to them.

New Ideas are much interesting than Old ideas

Heard melodies, they say are sweeter than unheard melodies. New ideas and fresh ones that are yet to be written are apparently much more interesting and exciting than old ones. Whiles fresh ideas occur to you, old drafts rather become less interesting. This makes it a bit difficult to develop and expand old written drafts hence creating a writer's block when one is to expand old drafts for publishing. The inspiration and interest that came with the idea (previously discovered thought pattern or ideas) at the moment of writing to some extent leaves with it as the fore memory has to make room for new ones. In simple words, new ideas and thought patterns come with new inspiration.

Why difficult to develop and publish old drafts

Sometimes it’s difficult to develop Old drafts for publishing because as new interesting ideas keep occurring to you, one might find it difficult to attend to old ones because you get busy writing down the new ideas simply because you do not want to forget them as they occur to you. You are simply afraid that ones you lose the inspiration to put down the idea that has just occurred to you, you may never be able to retrieve them. For that reason, it’s difficult for the old drafts to get your attention often.

Another reason why we tend to value the fresh ideas than old ones is that new ideas are much more interesting and liberating. They are usually answers or solutions to problems or questions in the mind. As these solutions occur to you, it makes your soul feel liberated and happier.

New ideas basically are advanced and much more sophisticated forms of idea patterns which have evolved from the old or previously discovered ones. This tends to the old ideas sound archaic even when you read them.

How new ideas helps you to write more-Advantages of working with new ideas

*The excitement that comes with discovering new ideas helps to kill the writer's block. This naturally helps you to write more when new ideas occur to you than for old drafts. It is therefore quite apparent that for one to write more ideas or to churn out more ideas, it would be much better to expand fresh spontaneous content. It’s good to spend some time on your articles to carefully edit and arrange your ideas for publishing. In order for you to write more and to find writing interesting, it’s apparent to always try as much as possible to avoid unto your articles for a very long time. The longer you hold on to them, the more likely they would become archaic to you. You would always feel the new ideas are much better than the old drafts hence making it difficult for you to publish them. You would also do better in your writing profession if you publish your ideas or articles regularly.

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    • janesix profile image

      janesix 4 years ago

      I am going to follow this advice:) I'm going to publish something every day.