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A Few Christian Poems For Christmas

Updated on December 16, 2016

Christmas Day

I wonder on that Christmas night

How many passers-by

Beheld that strange and lustrous light

In Bethlehem's patch of sky?

We know how the shepards chanced to be

Unto the stable sent,

But did that star some rich man see

And wonder what is meant?

They've told us of the crowded inn

And of the laughter gay;

But was there none that entered in

On that first Christmas Day

To say he'd seen a wondrous sight

And hear the news to them

That God had hung a beacon light

High over Bethlehem?

Of all the throng that hurried by

Did no one lift his eyes

To read the glory of the sky?

We're all so worldly-wise

That God should bid the angles sing,

Upon that midnight clear,

An anthem to the new-born King

And only shepards hear?

I wonder if it's still the same?

Are we beyond his reach?

Have we, pursing wealth and fame,

Grown deaf to gentler speech?

Should such a strange thing come to be

And angels choirs appear,

Would only watchful shepards see

And thoughtful shephards hear?

Edgar A. Guest

Love Came down at Christmas

Love came down at Christmas,

Love all lovely, Love Divine;

Love was born at Christmas,

Stars and Angels gave the sign.

Christina Rossetti

The Christmas Rose


A little Eastern maid--

'Tis thus the story goes--

Was first of all to see

The pretty Christmas rose.


Beside the humble inn,

Where lay the Infant King,

She stood, a child forlorn

Who had no gift to bring.


Around their God in heaven

Are angels, in a band,

Who take the children dear

And lead them by the hand:


And one, who loved the maid,

Had marked her gentle sigh,

And now, on snowy wing,

To comfort her drew nigh.


"Weep not, my child", she said;

"Look down, and thou wilt see

A gift that thou canst bear,

Which God has sent to thee."


And there, beside her, bloomed

The rose that Christmas brings,

She bore it, in all haste,

To Him, the King of Kings.

Alice M. Stevens  



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