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A Few Father's Day Poems From Kids Without Dad's

Updated on August 17, 2019



All Father's Day poetry isn't sweet and cute. In a world that faces many problems, and many obstacles, sometimes people get hurt and many times it's the children.  Here we share with you a few selections from the hearts and minds of some kids in this vast land of life without Dad's. 

These poems were collected by D. Alsup one of my favorite children's poets.


I make it no secret,

My Daddy's in jail.

Some of the other kids father's are probably there too.

They said you did a lot of bad things,

That you wasn't supposed to do.

Mama said, once in a while, stll write you,

Still show you that I care,

What you did, was what you did,

You're not me,

So I won't dare,

Feel I'll be a repeat offender like you,

My old man.

Hold my chin up and be strong, I can be whatever I wanna be,

So I try to stay out of trouble,

So I won't have to flee from the man.

And end up dead or shot and with you a "lifer" in the can.

Sure wish you were here,

Happy Father's Day

Your Son,

Thug Rush (Age 14)


My momma smokes crack,

My daddy smokes weed.

Yet I'm suppose to be so nice in school,

They want me to succeed.

"Get a grip on handling it"

"Take it in stride"

I'm trying to talk to you polite,

While I'm Screaming!,

Burning up inside.

Why couldn't my mama be Beyounce?

And my Daddy be Jay Z?

Then I'd know,



Be Alright

They would love and

Take good care of me.

Happy Father's Day Jay Z.

By Lil Z (Age 12)


Dad you help put food on the table,

When times are tough,

I know you don't stay with us,

So when you come by,

I guess for you too,

It might be a little rough.

It's sure rough for me,

Not seeing you everyday.

Knowing a lot of other kids,

Have a Daddy that knows how to stay.

Stay at home and help me,

Teach me what to do.

Show me how to fix a few things

That my be broken too.

So when my heart is breaking,

And it's tough for me to stand,

I know when I get home,

You got my back,

You're my dad,

You're there

Cause you're


Real man.

By Marcus (Age 10)



I want to feel you're the greatest

Poppa in the world,

But I can't because you hurt me,

you're not suppose to hurt your little girl.

You mess around on mama,

You drink and curse all day,

You send us to church on Sunday

So you can stay home and play,

That music you like so well,

But when I swing and grind my hips to it,

You say, "stop, that's bad,

You don't want to go to hell?"

We'll I'm hurt, sad and confused.

What you do,

I'm suppose to do too.

Everyone says I have ways just like you.

When we die I want us both to be in Heaven.

But if you keep doing what you're doing

Cheatin', Drinkin', cursin' , thuggin'

I don't think we're gonna make it there.


I want to feel you're the greatest poppa in the world,

But it's hard.

happy fathers day.

by Tenisha (Age 11)


Are you my daddy?


Daddy is that you?


Do I walk like you walk?

Do I talk like you too?

Do you talk loud when you get excited, as they say I do?


Do you wear your shoes untied?

Knowing you wont fall,

Do you like to play basketball,

Up against the wall?


Do you hum when you are happy,

Like when I find a penny or a dime?  

Do you know my Daddy?

I feel I'm running out of time.


I'll gladly give a DNA sample

To find a perfect match.

While all the other kids are telling their dads, "Happy Fathers Day"!

I still look for you,

Daddy is that you?

So I can tell you Happy Fathers Day too.

By Julian T. (Age 16)



Thank You for visiting. Let us know if you enjoyed the poems.

Being without a father can bring lonely times not only on Father's Day but on any day.

Many times when you express how you feel in writings or poetry it can help ease the pain. If you have any poetry or writings for Father's Day and your a kid or an adult without a dad, and would like to share your feelings, please send us a comment with your expressions.

Here are some additional links below for your enjoyment. Please feel free to email any of our links to your friends.

Thanks again.


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