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A Few Poems About Snow

Updated on December 1, 2010

To Those Aware

They say the snow is white,

But he who says so

has only partial sight.

For snow is blue

In the wint'ry woods,

In shadow of pine and yew,

And snow is pink

in the setting sun,

With flecks of gold, I think.

A lilac trend

it seems to have

Around the river's bend,

And greenish glow

Where hemlock boughs

Bend low to touch the snow.

It's silver, too, at night

When shines the moon

Upon a world of white.

Ah, yes, the snow is vari-hued

To those who are aware --

To those with sight imbued.

Bernice C. Loomis

Winter's Majesty

   The snow has blanketed the land

      As far and wide as desert sand;

The bare trees that had seemed forlorn

        Are now so lavishly adorned.

   The children gleefully greet the day

       So anxious on thier merry way;

        I reminise when I was young

      And savor memories one by one.

        The crystal ice upon the pond

       Now glistens like a magic wand;

  I'm blessed to see such stunning sights

    Which can bring such sheer delight.

Then as the night comes stealing down

  The earth concedes its mystic crown

         And I embrace this fairyland,

        Created by God's loving hand.

Catherine Janssen Irwin

On A Frosty Winter Night

Have you ever felt the magic

On a frosty winter night,

When you walked within a wonderland

Of crystal flakes of white?

It brings back joyful memories

of the days of long ago,

When your heart found perfect happiness

in gentle falling snow.

You remember many happy times,

Thr snow forts that you built,

Each chubby smiling snowman

With his funny hat atilt.

The sleigh rides and the laughter

All seem to echo still,

And again you see your merry friends

Who slid upon the hill.

A snowfall's magic wonder

Brings back the long ago,

And if you don't believe me

Take an evening walk in snow

La Verne P. Larson


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