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A Fight

Updated on July 2, 2011

Good? Bad?

“I know, I know but we might have some company here in a minute.” Just as the words left my lips a silhouette of a man stepped out from the door way illuminated by the light from inside his apartment. “Fuck, make that a couple seconds” I whispered.

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing to my car!?” the man yelled and started moving fast towards the stairs leading down to the courtyard below.

“I’ll stall him, just get this done.”

“I’m going, I’m going” whispered Ryan.

I got out and jogged to the side of doorway leading into the dark courtyard and waited for the man to come running out. The adrenaline was pumping through my system and I couldn’t stop shaking my leg no matter how hard I tried. “Come on, Come on.” I whispered to myself. He came darting around the corner and started running towards the car, and I ran towards him.

“Hey, get the hell out of there!” He yelled as he closed the distance towards his car, the guy was pissed who could blame him after all he was getting his car jacked. I reached him right before he made it to the car, slamming into his side. We rolled to the ground and he managed to kick me off as I rolled to one side I used my momentum to jump back to my feet and start moving towards him. As he was crawling to his feet I threw a hard kick to his ribs and was rewarded with a satisfying thump. He doubled over on his side and as I went to throw another kick, he wrapped his arms around my leg and rolled using my momentum to bring me down. He moved faster than I expected and was on top of me before I knew it. That’s when he started to let me have it, letting off hard right jabs to my nose and eye before I managed to throw my arms up to block his punches. When he threw his next punch I grabbed for his arm but missed and was rewarded by another satisfying crack to my eye. When he shot of another hit I got luck and managed to grab his forearm and pull him down into a right jab to his temple. As my fist connected I rolled my hips to my left and flipped him on to his back.

I had him now I remembered everything my older brother taught me, at least his beatings as a kid taught me how to fight. My instincts took over as I throw two hard punches back to back into his nose; I felt it break under my knuckles. I figured by the blood coming from his nose he’d had enough I started to get off of him, I took a glance towards the car and was about to ask Ryan how it was going went I felt a fist land in my gut knocking the wind out of me I rolled to the ground clutching my stomach, that hurt.

“Ughh..” I let out a groan as I watched the man slowly get to his feet. I knew I had to get up, I had to do something. He started moving towards the driver’s side of the car. I caught my breath and got to my fight, he was in the street by the time I closed the distance and tackled him to the pavement. I heard a hard crack as his head smacked into the concrete and he stopped moving. I got up panting and look at Ryan.

“Ryan I don’t know how long he’s gonna be out tell me your almost done over there.”

“Another couple minutes tops, get back in”


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