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Her Ancestors

Updated on April 3, 2017
africanpenwarrior profile image

I am a graduate of Mass Communication ''Bsc" but was a science student in my secondary school days, finally majored in forensic journalism.


Dawn she went to the great beyond
To join and great their ancestors
Even though we battle hand with the uninvited guest
She tried not to leave the living face
But her God said she was rude and needs to rest,
She tried to tell us but like glue her tongue was tied.

And now she is with them paying in the great beyond
And hoped that one day
She will find her way out of the gate of heaven and reunite with us,
But the keys were well kept by the creator
She wanted to send some of the heavenly bodies dawn to earth to thanks us
For our struggles towards he life.

But lo! The creator said
He shall reward every bad and good
She wept and the heavens wept with her she screamed and the heavens also screamed with her
She called on us to save her
But we couldn’t
Then she knew we were not ready to meet her and so
She finally rested in peace.


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