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Afternoon Baking: A Story by ChemKnits

Updated on September 4, 2014

Afternoon Baking

When I was in 11th grade, we spent some time writing one page descriptive essays. I came across this story again while I was checking through my school work that I had saved for one reason or another. I remember this story in particular because the teacher chose this one to use as a positive example (we wrote the stories under pseudonyms for this class.)

I hope you enjoy this story that came from my 17 year old self. I am now 27, and I think that this description of an afternoon spent baking while snow is falling outside still fits me today.

Afternoon Baking

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Snowflakes sparkled in the air as they floated to the ground on a cold winter day. Something white floated through the air and onto the ground in the warm, well lit kitchen, but it wasn't snow. Flour clouds rose in the air as I clapped my flour covered hands. I loved the feel of flour on my hands, it gave me a sense of comfort and familiarity. An overflowing cup of flour rose out of the flour container, and I scraped the excess off with a knife. I set the flour container onto the marble counter as I collected the other ingredients.

There was nothing for me to do on that cold winter day, and I was suffering from restless cabin fever. I opened the gold wrapper of a semi-sweet chocolate bar and placed it onto a plastic cutting board. With the large butcher knife, I chopped up the chocolate into tiny shreds. The process was slow, and hard on my fingers. I knew that the end effect would be worth it, the chocolate shreds, opposed to store bought chocolate chips, were my baking signature.

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I measured out the correct amount of sugar with care. If spilled, it would cover the floor with a grainy mess that would be difficult to clean up. The butter from the refrigerator was always a pain to work with, too hard to blend with the other ingredients. I searched through a drawer to find a teaspoon to measure the heavenly smelling vanilla. The electric mixer creamed these three ingredients together with the eggs while I watched, taking care not to let the beaters send the batter flying all over the counter.

The flour poured quickly into a metal bowl to which I carefully added small amounts of baking soda and salt. then gently sifted these together. A half cup at a time, I added the dry blend to the contents of the glass bowl, as the mixer slowly folded them together. I added a little too much flour to the mixer, and a puff of flour smoke rose into the air. Once it settled everything close to me, including my shirt, was covered in a light dusting of white.

After mixing the shredded chocolate to the batter, where they would be more concentrated than a store bought chocolate chips, I ate a spoonful of the batter with delight. The whole purpose of baking was to be able to eat some of the raw batter. I placed tablespoons of the chocolate shred batter onto a baking sheet and placed it into the oven to cook. After about five minutes, a wonderful smell filled the whole house. As soon as the cookies were finished baking, I placed the perfectly golden cookies onto a cooling rack. After an hour, I carefully divided up the cookies into three even piles. The first I arranged onto a plate to serve to my family. The other two I stored in a freezer bags, then put them in the freezer, so my hard work would last more than 5 minutes. At last I brought the plate of cookies to my family, who quickly began to eat them. The house filled with a warmth as I sat with my family discussing the day.

Did you enjoy my story?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I did enjoy your story, very descriptive!

    • mysticmama lm profile image

      Bambi Watson 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing!

      ~ Blessed by a Squid Angel >*