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All I Want for Christmas Book Review

Updated on November 18, 2017

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All I want for Christmas Book Review

Every year I love to read a festive novel, and when I saw this book on the shelf I was instantly drawn to the festive Christmas themed picture.

All i want for Christmas wrote by Amy Silver, came out this year and I would seriously recommend it to anyone that loves a heart warming festive story.

I bought this book two days ago and couldn't put it down, hence why I have already finished the book and already writing my review.

The story centres around a single mum Bea, who has an 18 month old baby boy named Luca. This will be Bea's first proper Christmas with her son and the book takes you through the twelve days running up to Christmas.

Bea owns a small Italian Café in London called The Honey Pot which sounds both cosy and homely. It is while working in her Café that Bea meets Chloe.

Bea and Chloe don't hit it off at first, in fact Chloe comes across quite cold and rude. We later find out that Chloe is in fact lonely as she has never been particularly close to her family and has lost all of her friends.

Chloe is in love with a married man named Michael, who shares his time between Chloe and his wife and kids. This makes Chloe resentful and lonely especially when she discovers that she is set to spend another Christmas alone.

Finally, there is Olivia a wealthy magazine columnist who has just been run down by an angry man on a push bike right outside Bea's shop.

Bea takes Olivia in and makes her a cup of tea, but Olivia hasn't really got time to relax as she has offered to host Christmas for fiancée Kieran's entire Irish family, and after her best friend teases her on a drunken night out Olivia starts to get cold feet about her upcoming wedding.

What I loved about the book was that you could really relate to the characters, Bea had a lot of secrets in her past that she hides from others so she doesn't need to believe they have actually happened to her.

Although Chloe comes across as a bitch, we get to see what made her that way, and I felt myself feeling quite sorry for her. All three woman become friends through a series of events that take place on the run up to Christmas.

But with so much hurt and chaos in their lives will they all get the happy Christmas they so long for? and will they finally find true love?

This book takes you through each woman's life on the 12 days before Christmas, it is set mainly in the present although it does go back in time when explaining certain events and how they came about.

What made it more interesting is the main character Bea's life is revealed slowly through the book so it keeps you guessing, but when it finally revealed the truth I found it extremely emotional.

If you are looking for a heart warming story to snuggle up with this Christmas, then I would definitely recommend this one.

5 stars for All I Want for Christmas Book

© 2010 Zoey


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