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All of Ken Blanchard's leadership stuff in one book

Updated on January 25, 2015

Blanchard's essentials

This book has essentially ALL of Ken Blanchard's team's leadership books in one place, from the One Minute Manager to Leadership by the Book, and lots of case studies in between, Blanchard and his crew break down everything they've learned in practice over 30+ years of using these techniques in various atmospheres and environments.

What I liked about the audio version of this book was that all of the pertinent material from three previous books seemed to be consolidated into this one volume, so I could just read (or listen to, in my case) a portion, then hear very similar material again. Even where there was repetition, I got to connect the dots, so to speak, and it was good to hear ALL of Blanchard's stuff on leadership in one fell swoop.

Service Leadership

I've tried very hard to practice "service leadership" since finishing this collection, and I think I've been somewhat successful so far. One thing I've implemented is taking the time to email a "thank you" once a week to my employees (just one per week, so the email can be very personal, recognizing something they've done). Once I have the employee on my side, it's easier to get them to have a discussion with me about work performance or other related issues without me feeling like a d-bag. Not to mention, saying "thanks" for a job well done is worth doing just because. I feel better, the employees feel recognized, and everyone is happier in the end.

If you're constantly at a loss, and leadership does not come naturally for you, and especially if you're the owner of a growing business, as I am, then this collection of leadership advice may really help you out. I know it helped me, and has continued to give me some things to think about over the past year or so.

What's your favorite book on leadership?

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