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A Million Voices

Updated on November 4, 2012

I am

feeling rather homesick

I can hear the bells

They remind me of a story

of one that's hard to tell.

My stomach burns intensely

The weight that carries my extremes,

I haven't found much use yet

interpreting my dreams.

Except that they do happen

and wander in some more.

When I am feeling rather hope-sick,

there is a place I dwell

I can hear the door,

but think there's no one there ...

And know no matter what -

that it doesn't really matter.

Without a care

there are no songs

that remind us of where we're going

I can count the number of stairs

On my way up the ladder

I can hear you flattering

My attempts as they seem ...

Waking up in front of you

there's nothing I can keep

from being awkward.

So I stand back and admire

If I care to, I go home again ...

Admit that I am a liar

When I was, where I was

When I am with you.

Beside myself -

Where I've been

It's so amusing to

think I'm stuck inside this -

Living before my own illusions.

When I become vast ...

I expand your face

and hold it to a certain degree

withheld beneath a single range

I meld inside the answer.

My journey is long and enduring

this stretch is weary ...

Where my heart can only reach,

lonesome, I adore you.

I can see the writing on the wall

It isn't for me to interject

as I've got something to say -

A million voices singing out.

Songs of where triumph unleashes

tainted ashes from the skilled

when all they killed went straight to hell.

And I remember all their names

They're written here, inside my brain

watched in it's disease ...

waiting for the next comfortable place

to take a look around the room

and think about the whole thing again.

And worry if there will be time enough

to go back in again and change

where I came from

and change my old name

and change the frequent company

forget that they have friends ...

And question their integrity

and go back to sleep again.


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