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An Angel ~ you see...

Updated on February 5, 2013

An Angel

By Gena Sciaraffa

He reached out to me one night
An angel transmitted to my sight
He taught me new ideas, but tried to ruin me
As I will not waste my time with nonsense you see
I knew he was an angel so pure as can be
But stuck in his domestication, he could not see
A heart so genuine and sincere
But predetermined to behave like he doesn't care
I looked at him in his eyes
To know that there was no surprise
He, an angel in despair; although loving, kind and giving
In the sense of the life he chose, he is not living
With all his anger deep inside him, he missed one part you know
That, I, an angel was sent to him to help him learn and grow
In life's journey I know he was sent to help me along my way
I hope someday he realizes, an angel came to guide him on this day

Copyright © 2003


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