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An Eagle's general

Updated on March 7, 2016

An eagle is king among all.

He serves no one.

He is the protector of those who are true to God.

The crow fears the eagle.

The eagle can bless any he chooses.

He blesses those with gifts and divine messages.

The eagle fears none and is patient to pass judgment.

The eagle is watchful of sin,

The eagle sees injustice.

Those who are general’s to the lord’s army are given eagles each.

Those who are saintly are given golden eagles to keep.

There is a problem surging my heart.

I have lost my eagle and I am frightened to learn the truth that can do well to the world.

I crumble before my enemies who fear me for the justice I bring.

I bring hope for what is right.

I love the peace of this world.

To fly in a world where there is no crime rushes my wings to fly higher for peace.

Trust nothing that is of the dark.

Hope and believe in the justice in your heart that governs the good laws of the world.

These are the testimonies of my wings.

Good flies higher than the injustice done to the righteous.

Copyright(c) Shamela 11 / January / 2012


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