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Anne Weale vintage Harlequin romances

Updated on May 13, 2011


Anne Weale was born and raised in England. She had started to work as a reporter when she married. Her husband needed to work abroad, so she lived for a time in Malaysia, site of some of her books.

Eventually they returned to England and she started writing romances, while working as a reporter. After several romances, Anne Weale had a son and quit work to care for him and write romances full time.

She and her husband vacation each year in Spain, site of several of her romances. Anne Weale has also traveled to the Caribbean, site of some of her other romances. Anne Weale passed away in 2007. Anne Weale also published a few titles under the name of Andrea Blake and they are listed below.I am slowly reading all the vintage harlequins and as I do, I am adding details to the descriptions in bold.

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An icy tremor gripped her spine. Scrambling to her feet, Polly rushed to the porthole. All she could see was a great expanse of sea--and the lights of Cannes receding in the distance. As the full impact of what had happened sunk in, Polly's panic gave way to fury. She had let herself be duped by a suave playboy cleverly acting the role of good Samaritan. Yet she had no one to blame but herself. She had been warned about trusting Raoul St. Clair. . .but she'd never imagined abduction was his style!

Polly was caring for some bratty kids in Cannes, but their father made a pass at her and the mother fired her. Polly had already met Raoul, their rooms had adjoining balconies and they had talked. Once she is fired, she gets a job as a casino hostess, but realizes it is a mistake. Raoul sees her there and rescues her, taking her to Corsica to be nanny to his orphaned nurse.



She trembled under his furious gaze. "I know you're terrified to be alone with me," Raoul said harshly, "that you're like a scared rabbit waiting for the wolf to pounce. But do you honestly think I'm such a monster that I'd maroon us in the middle of nowhere in order to make love to you?"

Polly wanted to explain that he was completely wrong...that her nervousness was in fact the result of her secret love for him.

But something held her back. How could she reveal her true feelings when he belonged to someone else?



Vivien ignored her relatives' advice. Some inner conviction compelled Vivien to visit Malaya. She felt her godfather had a reason for leaving her his home and only there would she find the answer. Bewildered by the strangeness of the East, she was even more confused by her godfather's closest friend, Dr. Tom Stransom. He was alternately aloof and friendly, teasing and sarcastic--and apparently quite indiffferent to the feelings he aroused in her



The bustling atmosphere of a brand new modern residential community is the background of this charming story of a young midwife, the pleasant doctor who loved her, and the not-so-pleasant but oh-so attractive man who did not. Linden knew she was being foolish to think of Randal Craig. He was too wealthy, his family too exclusive, for her. She must put him firmly out of her mind, but that was easier said than done.



"I expected you to be a child." It was a brutal shock to Alexandra when after waiting five years to return to Malaysia she arrived to find that her father had been killed. Her situation wasn't helped by the fact that he'd left her in the care of a guardian--the darkly attractive Jonathan Fraser, who persisted in treating her like a child. Alex couldn't tell him that where he was concerned, she was very much a woman!



Andrea's childhood had been shadowed by poverty and fear, and she had had a hard struggle to reach her postion as a successful fashion model. She was determined to marry for money and security, and she had faced the fact that a rich man who could not find a wife in his own social circle might well be personally unattractive. When Justin Templar--handsome, intelligent, pleasant and the right age--proposed to her, she was astounded...but she accepted him, of course. And then, free from financial worries, she began to realize what it was to live without love. What sort of future, after all, had she created for herself? And if it was the wrong sort, was there any way to escape? They meet at a Christmas party.

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The Burney household always bustled, what with a doctor father, 3 daughters, an aunt and one rather large dog. But life had never seemed hectic or confusing-until Daniel Elliot came to town .Rachel, the eldest Burney daughter, took an immediate dislike to the rugged Canadian, the new squire of Branford. But was her glamorous sister Carola falling in love with him? Of course, it made no difference to Rachel, she had Edward The local estate has been vacant for 3 years while the solicitors try to find the heir. Rachel has habit of trespassing in Hall garden, that is where she meets Daniel. Rachel is an illustrator and keeps house for her dad.



Stephen Rand, wealthy owner of Flamingo Cay in the Bahamas, seemed attracted by Sara's quieter charms. He could attract any woman. Why should he settle for Sara?



When 19 year old Rachel Devon was left orphaned and inexperienced on a lonely Caribbean island, she was rescued by Niall Herrick, skipper of the yacht Silver Dolphin. Niall thought he had found a solution to Rachel's problems-but would it necessarily make her happy?

Rachel lived on an island with her father, who recently died in a hurricane. Naill had been on the island before and came to visit. Rachel is being forced to go to a mission and asks Naill to take her off the island. He refuses, so she stows away on his boat The Silver Dolphin. He lets her stay and asks her to marry him. She later finds out he is wealthy. His family owns a big department store.



Jane Baron could hardly believe it when the famous photographer David Ransome "discovered" her working in her uncle's seaside hotel and whisked her away from a dull, quite provincial life and set about training her as a fashion model.



When a car accident followed soon after an unhappy and embittering love affair, fashion model Francesca Cornel felt thoroughly dispirited, and wanted only to get away from everything. The remotest place she could think of was Andorra, that charming little known republic nestling in the heart of the Pyrenees, so she set off for a quiet holiday to recuperate and try to sort out her problems. But she found a new set of problems when she met Nicholas de Vega.

Francesca is from England, her father recently died. He had always dreamed of returning to Andorra. He has been shot down during WWII and been sheltered there. He called it a Shangrila, the republic is located between Spain and France. She had been in a casual relationship with Johnny before the crash, but realized that is now what she wants anymore. So she breaks with him and goes to Andorra. When she gets to Andorra , she faints from fatigue and hunger. Nicholas resues her and gets her to the farm where she is staying for a month. Nicholas is an orphan and also the guardian to 42 orphans who he shelters in his home.



She discovered love was the best career. Joanna had had to support herself after her parents' death, and she worked hard to establish her reputation in the Parisian cabaret world.However, the night her distant cousin, Charles Carlyon, entered the cabaret, Joanna's life changed. Charles persuaded her to go to England and visit her mother's family.Joanna found that families were a mixed blessing, and that Charles was everything she ever wanted in a man!


When Clive Lister, rich and handsome, came into Deborah's hardworking and rather uneventful life, John Harriby issued all sorts of dire warning about wolfishness. But John was not quite impartial, for he was more than a little in love with Deborah himself., and only too well aware that he could not offer her as much as Clive could. Yet that would have carried no weight with Deborah if she had really loved John. But meanwhile, would John prove to be right after all, and would Deborah regret that she had ever set eyes on Clive?



Jan was just an ordinary girl, neither ravishingly pretty nor interestingly plain; she was also rather shy. So, when she captured a very distinguished and attractive husband, her family couldn't help wondering whether the marriage would be a success. Jan had her own doubts, which grew to fears when a beautiful girl from the past came back into Simon's life

Janetta is visiting her aunt to recover from flu. Jan is the one who always takes care of her family so wasn’t recovering well. She is building a sand castle when she meets Simon. They then meet up when she is back in London. She knows very little about him, they discuss books and other things,nothing personal.

Eventually a friend of her sisters sees them out and recognizes him, he is a successful playwright. Her family says he is just amusing himself with her. He convinces her that isn’t true and they marry. He had been involved with Venetia in the past. On the day before her wedding, Jan sees that Venetia is now been widowed in the paper, but she says nothing. And she feels very guilty about it.



Andrea Fleming desperately wanted to accompany the film crew on the expedition, but Dr. James Fergueson was adamantly opposed, stating that is she went along, he would refuse to guide them. But Guy Ramsey had other ideas, and cunningly devised a scheme whereby Andrea would join them---in a manner the Doctor could do nothing about.

Andrea, her brother and Guy make travel films for television. Andrea first meets James when she is out walking at night in Singapore. he yells at her and gets her back to her hotel. James is a doctor studying tropical diseases. He is guiding them to some remote cave paintings in exchange for money for his clinic. Andrea gets as far as Malya, where James wants to leave her with some friends. But Guy hires a guide so Andrea can catch up with the expedition.



"I'm sorry," she said, in confusion, drawing away. "I-I thought me might be flung off." She pushed back a swathe of wet hair and sat very straight. "You were talking about your research work." she reminded him.

James stared at her for a moment. then he leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and his face hidden in his hands. After a moment's bewilderment, Andrea realized he was shaking with silent laughter.

"Is something funny?" she asked stiffly.

He began to laugh openly then, and after a moment the Temiar raftsmen joined in. They laughed so loudly that the sound of their guffaws echoed back from the jungle on either side and the whole river rang with merriment.

With no idea what it was all about--except that she was somehow the cause of their mirth--Andrea sat even straighter and waited for them to control themselves.

I'm sorry about that." Still grinning and breathing hard, James made a gesture of apology.

"Can I share the joke?" she asked distantly.

That almost started him off again, but he managed to sober himself, though the Temiar were still both convulsed. "Don't mind them, They're just being sociable." he explained.

"Are You?" she prompted frostily.

He studied her for a moment, his expression serious once more.

"I was wrong about you, wasn't I" His tone and expression were rueful. "I'm afraid I judged by appearance--and that's always a mistake."

"I don't understand," she said blankly.

"Unfortunately there was nothing in your appearance to suggest what a redoubtable young woman you are," he went on. "Frankly, I thought when you saw the rapids you'd probably scream your head off. I certainly can't think of any other girl who would treat them as a minor interruption in an earnest conversation about research work."

"Oh....I see," she said, disconcerted.

It was the first time he had ever really smiled at her, and it sent a strange tremor through her.



The prospect of a six-months' trip to the beautiful island of Bermuda, working in the beauty salon of a luxury hotel, seemed like Paradise to Caroline.But she had reckoned without the dampening effect of Ian Dryden, the hotel's disapproving owner.



In order to help her widowed sister, Christina took up evening work for an escort service -- to the disapproval of her daytime employer, Sean Savage, head of an exclusive London store. But then Christina always seemed to put herself in the wrong with Mr. Savage.

Sean Savage is called the Demon King by everyone who works in the store. Christina is just a typist, but he promotes her to be his secretary temporarily. They first meet when she is fixing her stocking on the stairwell. He finds out about the escort work when he sees her and a friend in a night club. Christina needs money to help her sister. She has young twin children and her husband left her with no money.

Her sister, Alison, actually meets a nice young man who wants to marry her and is good to the children. I thought for sure that that was what would happen, a convenient marriage and Christina wouldn't have to take care of them anymore. But Alison had loved her husband even though he was a disappointment and she is not willing to marry without love. Alison and the kids eventually go to Canada to live with the girl's brother. Christina quickly falls in love with Sean but tries to avoid him thinking she has no chance with him. Sean goes to the agency and pays to go on a date with her.This leads to gossip in the store, when someone sees them together.



As Joceline read and reread the almost desperate letter just received from cousin Camilla in France, pleading with Joceline to come and be with her, she sensed that something was terribly wrong. Immediately, she prepared to leave for France, filled with misgivings; afraid of learning the reason for her cousin's frantic plea.

Joceline goes to France and is met at the station by Gervais St. Auni, who is the older brother of Camilla's husband. Camilla wrote to stay she had to stay in bed until the baby came and that her husband's family hates her. Once Joceline gets there she finds out that Camilla won't leave her bedroom because she thinks she looks fat and that is all that is wrong with her. Joceline stays to help care for the family, when the housekeeper is hurt.


Clare was pretty and kind and capable, and more than one eligible young man would have been glad to win her heart. So it was by a perverse trick of fate that she had to fall in love with David, who distrusted women and had no intention of ever getting married.


Justine, who had been subdued all her life by an elderly, domineering father, had certainly not learned to make the best of herself -- but it didn't help at all when she overheard David Cassano pointing out the fact to a friend.So why did she have to fall in love with David -- the one man in the world who could never make her happy?



It couldn’t be, could it? Sara Winchester, the beautiful and talented singer, stood motionless gazing at the painting in the gallery window. As she tried to focus through her tears, her thoughts went racing back to her 16th birthday, almost 6 years ago, and the first time she had set eyes on the sleep black-hulled sloop Sea Wolf and its owner, Jonathan “Joe” Logan.

Sara is illegitimate, lived with step-dad on a boat. The dad is drinking a lot, he was ill and when they met up with Joe he kills himself. He knows Joe will take care of Sara. Joe is a painter. When Joe has a commission for a portrait, Sara meets a man that can help get her a career in singing. So Joe leaves her there.



Lucia didn’t like and didn’t trust her sister’s boyfriend Nicholas Curzon from the first moment she met him—and it was with much misgiving that she agreed to accompany the pair of them on a holiday to Greece. But as her distrust of Nicholas increased, so, alas did her unwilling attraction to him.


Sanchia had willingly taken responsibility for the orphaned Rowland children--but that was before she realized that their uncle Tom Bartlett, in his turn, had apparently decided to take responsibility for her!



For years no one had dared to set foot on Sullivan's Reef, the beautiful Caribbean island with the sinister reputation - no one, that is, except Charlotte Martin, who was fascinated y it. Then, in her search for the truth about Sullivan's Reef, she met an attractive stranger who was as mysterious - and perhaps more dangerous - than the Reef itself.



Farthing Green was a very small English village--far too small to begin a feud with one's next-door neighbor, and least of all when that neighbor was the forceful Simon Gilchrist, as Jenny Shannon found to her cost!

Jenny meets Simon when her car stalls in a busy street and he is very rude about it. It turns out he is a new neighbor. Jenny meets with her grandparents in the Rectory. The church sold some land next door and Simon is building a house on the lot. He is an architect and the house will be very modern. He is raising his young niece.



Jane Winfarthing was helping out with Mary Wroxham's jolly brood of children for the summer when Mary's brother David Carleton arrived on the scene--and made a far from good impression on Jane! "A blue-stocking!" he called her. "But clever enough to camouflage her brains with frilly nighties, and to know that a light hand with an omelet is worth several degrees in the long run." He was obviously one of those insufferable men who regarded unmarred women as playthings and married woman as unpaid housekeepers. And he was going to join their camping holiday in Switzerland! Well, she for one, Jane decided, was not going to be yet another scalp on his belt. Let him turn his attention to the more obvious kind of girl like--well, like Chloe Brundall. Why should Jane care? In fact, why did Jane care?

Jane meets David when he climbs into her room in the middle of the night. He wasn't supposed to visit his sister just then. Jane dislikes him immediately, he is arrogant and she keeps overhearing him insult her to his sister. But at the last minute, his brother in law can't go on vacation so David goes instead. This book made me want to go camping in Europe, it is more interesting as a travelogue than as a romance. Jane is very defensive and David is pretty rude.



When Imelda opened her antique shop, Charles Wingfield expressed doubts about her ability to handle the venture. She assured him, "I can't be duped by a phony person," and he replied, "Not as a dealer. As a girl, you might be."Was he right?

Imelda’s father’s great aunt dies on the eve of her mothers remarriage. The aunt owned sort of a junk shop, so Imelda goes to sort things out and finds the will. She is the sole beneficiary. She had met a nice woman on the train who offers her a lift to the shop. The woman is Charles’ grandmother. Imelda ends up staying with them because the shop isn’t in very good shape.


Sophie fell in love with a man she had only encountered once and whose name she did not know. She called him her "Lord of the Sierras" and dreamt of what he would say when she saw him again. But the masterful Carlos Walsingham was very different from her fantasy hero and much more difficult to manage!



Amalie had waited five long years to return to the West Indies and help her grandfather run his charter-schooner business. When she arrived she discovered her grandfather had recently died. Totally alone in the world, she had debts to pay and a crew to find--nothing was going right. Then a dark handsome Greek, Blake Androcles, stepped into her life. And Amalie knew that she would never be alone again.

Amalie had left the Caribbean at the age of 14 to accompany her younger sister to music school. She didn't know it but her grandfather had mortgaged the boat . He got a loan from a friend who changed no interest,but now his widow is charging a high interest rate. So she goes to talk to the widow and encounters Blake, who helps her with the loan. At first she thinks he is just a bodyguard.



Although she was alone in the world and very young, Francesca’s idolization of the man who became her protector was no puppy love. With Caspar Barrington she had sailed the golden Caribban. Life had been idyllic—until the news arrived. Caspar was Lord Layton now. They went to England, where Francesca couldn’t’ help comparing herself to the eligible women anxious to be his wife. She must leave before heartbreak destroyed her completely.



She was caught up in a dazzling world. Annis decided she had to sell her childhood home, an island jewel in the Caribbean. She needed the cash and resolutely called Drogo Wolfe. An attractive if eccentric millionaire, he'd once shown an interest in the property. Drogo's response, however, staggered her. He wasn't sure he wanted the island--but he definitely wanted Annis as his wife! Annis soon found he'd give her anything--anything, she realized painfully, except his love.


"you might see a stranger across a crowded room" When Laurian saw the tall handsome man browsing in the bookshop, the lyrics of the romantic old song came instantly to mind. For this was what it was like: the sudden burst of attraction, the odd sense of recognition. So when the man followed her out of the store and down the street, Laurian was certain he felt the same way. She wasn't in the habit of talking to strangers, but this was different. So she did. And found out his name: Oliver Thornham. A name from her past, and one she had every reason to hate.
Laurian used to live with her father on a Caribbean island he owned. Oliver showed up and her father let him moor his boat. Laurian liked him and he called her urchin. This was before he got her father to sell him the island cheap. She had never gone back, but she accidentally ends up vacationing nearby. She trespasses to see the exclusive resort and is caught. She won't tell him who she is so he won't let her leave until someone vouches for her. Neptune's daughter is the name of a painting of Laurian as a child that is at the resort.



Clary helps a fellow Briton in trouble in Thailand by summoning Alistair Lincoln halfway around the world to bail out his stepsister. But when he insists on Clary sharing responsibility for young Nino, it’s Alistair who becomes the problem.



Angel was grateful to him. Charles Thetford had come to her rescue when she desperately needed a friend. Now ,settling in to her new life in London, she was conscious of stronger feelings for him. Of course, there was no denying Charles was extremely attractive; rich,successful and a highly sought-after matrimonial prize. But Angel knew little about the way of the world. Perhaps she was confusing gratitude with love. And Charles--how did he view her? As an attractive woman--or as an irritating disruption to his ordered life?

Angel meets Charles when she comes ashore and goes to his house for help. Her grandfather has just died on the boat and she doesn't know what to do, she is only 17. He helps her with the funeral and buys one half of the boat, which he will fix up and use part of the year. This is more to help her out than anything, the boat is pretty old. He takes her to England, where she wants to train to run boat charters. But she ends up working as a model.



"My faults are legion." Charles's voice was sardonic as he continued. "Don't think too highly of me."

The evening had gone well and it wasn't late when Charles brought her back. They'd had coffee in the conservatory. As she put her cup aside, he rose to his feet and ,taking her hands, drew her up to stand in front of him.

"If I were a better man, I shouldn't be doing this," he said, looking down on her.

There was a gleam in his eye she had seen before,but only in films. The desire she saw in Charles's face was real and a little frightening in it's intensity.

She held her breath as he placed her hands against his chest and put his arms around her.


Champagne and caviar--she had it all :Health, a challenging, successful career, her own comfortable home, holidays abroad, designer clothes, lots of friends. But Rosie Middleton didn't have a man. Rosie had lost her heart once--with disastrous consequences. She wasn't likely to make the same mistake twice.So, although Rosie would have liked a man for whom she could care, a man who would return that concern, she didn't give Nicholas Winchester a second thought when he reentered her life. In fact, Rosie responded with extreme caution.


"Your grandfather thinks we should get married." Roderick Anstruther had made Flower Dursley an offer she could hardly refuse: the beautiful house she thought of as home, a comfortable life-style and a handsome, exciting husband. As well, a marriage between them was exactly what Flower's family so obviously wanted. There was only one problem--love wasn't part of the deal. And the more Flower got to know Roderick, the more she realized that love was something she just couldn't do without.


Jane Taunton meets an attractive man at a party one night—and impusively lies to him, inventing a more exciting background for herself. She’ll never see Adam Fontenay again, she thinks. But she’s wrong, and she’s caught out in her lie. That’s unfortunate, since Jane has a secret she’s determined to keep and Adam’s just as determined to uncover.


Pride and prejudice! Holly knew she wasn't beautiful, but still hoped that one day she'd find a man who would love her and wed her! Trouble was, the only man she had ever really wanted was Pierce Sutherland! What chance did she have with a man like him? Women like her glamorous blond stepsister had always been much more his type. Which was why she had been shocked at this errant bachelor's proposal. Pierce Sutherland wanted to marry her--plain old Holly! But could her pride allow her to accept a man who was marrying her not for love but convenience?


Reid Kinnard is a ruthless financier used to buying and selling stocks, shares and priceless artifacts. But now Reid had his eye on a very different acquisition—Francesca Turner. Left destitute by her father’s recent death, Francesca had walked into Reid’s bank looking to extend her overdraft. rather than a marriage proposal! As Fran needs money and Reid needs a wife, he proposes the perfect barter; he’ll rescue her and her family if she’ll agree to marry him! But in this marriage of convenience can Fran ever be anything more than a bartered bride?



Clare knew Dr. Alexander Strthallen had vowed never to love again, but she couldn’t resist his offer of a marriage of convenience. He only wanted her because she had a son and he needed an heir, but in the heat of the desert, may be he’d realize he needed a wife, too!


Grey Calderwood was furious to discover that his mother had employed Lucia Graham -- the woman he believed had defrauded him....Lucia knew she'd wronged Grey, but she had been desperate to help her father. Now that they'd been thrown together, the atmosphere between her and Grey was explosive -- part antagonism, part burning attraction.... Could this proud, powerful man ever trust Lucia again, and believe her to be worthy of his love?



International playboy seeks convenient wife! When Liz moves to the idyllic Spanish village of Valdecarrasca, she's stunned to find herself living next door to the infamous Cameron Fielding....Cameron has a string of glamorous female visitors, so Liz is amazed to discover he's contemplating marriage -- to her! It is strictly a practical proposal -- but when their honeymoon sparks into passion, it's clear that their marriage could also become permanent.



A Mediterranean millionaire. Cally hoped for peace and quiet when she escaped to Valdecarrasca in beautiful rural Spain -- but the arrival of mysterious millionaire Nicolás Llorca changed all that! He made it clear he wanted Cally; he also let her know he wasn't looking for long-term commitment....The smoldering good looks and charm of the man from Madrid proved hard to resist. But Cally wasn't interested in a brief affair. And, besides, Nicolás was clearly hiding a secret or two! Determined to keep her distance, Cally found her resolve was tested when Nicolás made her an offer impossible to refuse.



Noelle was tremendously excited to be returning at last to Paris, her birthplace, for the first time since her childhood. Although she would be working there and not enjoying a holiday like most English people, she was determined to get the utmost out of her stay. At first sight her job as nanny to the children of an English diplomat would not seem to offer much scope for any social whirl, and indeed she got off to rather a bad start and a cold reception from her employer, Lady Tregan. Almost the only person to show her any friendliness was Mark Fielding, a friend of the Tregans. Then things cheered up when she met Alain de Bressac, a charming Frenchman much attracted to her, but Mark Fielding soon took it upon himself to warn her off Alain. But if Noelle gave Alain up, was there any guarantee that Mark would then take an interest in her?


Freed at last from the domination of a petty, miserly stepfather, Jennifer Alvery found herself once again at the mercy of a dictator -- Neal Parker, to whom her step-father had left the controlling interest in the family business. Would she be able to assert herself more forcefully this time?



Holidaying in romantic Luxembourg after her engagement had been broken, Elizabeth soon cheered up when she met Gervase St. Vire—and fell in love with him. But more than one person disapproved of her as a wife for Gervase, and was prepared to go to any lengths to get rid of her. Elizabeth meets Gervase on the car ferry from England and then meets up with him again when she ends up at his estate, after running out of gas in the rain. A rather nasty woman at the estate cuts Elizabeth's brake line to get her to leave.



Julie's idyllic life on a lonely Caribbean island came to an abrupt end when her father married again and her stepmother Gisela set to work to persuade him to sell the place. Lost and unhappy, Julie hoped that marriage to Simon Tiernan would help to solve her problems - but even then Gisela's malicious influence was to follow her and spoil things yet again.

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      I have one of hers called The River Room on my favorites bookshelf. It's about an apprentice interior decorator.


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