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What is your writing process step by step when writing a hub?

Please make it clear, easy, and neat. For example, step one: I have an idea on what to write. Step two: I use x to figure out which keywords to use. Step three: I brainstorm in a notebook and try to make a paper outline of what the hub will look like. Please elaborate if you can. I just thru that out there to get the ball rolling and to give u ideas on how to do it.


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Tolovaj Publishing House (TolovajWordsmith) says

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2 years ago
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    Michele Kelsey (misslong123) 2 years ago

    Bare boned but I like it. I just need a kind of checklist. I love being organized in all that I do. Having a basic layout like that is what I'm looking to expand upon. Thank you for sharing your process. It's nice to have someone who wants to help :)