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┬┐Should I delete this hub in progress? or keep working on it?

Hi, I recently started writing articles here, I have 7 hubs featured already, everything is going well but I just started a new hub about a comic book (super heroes) and I got a warning saying that the adds have been disable due to content filters, I did the research and Im pretty sure the problem is one of the words Im using in my hub, Im writting about the "Suicide" Squad that is a group of anti-heroes, Im sure the term "suicide" is flagged by the filter... I don't want to get banned for breaking any policies, what should I do?


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peachy (peachpurple) says

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2 years ago
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    betozg lm 2 years ago

    Where can I Ask them?... I won't use external links anyway, I actually turned off the adds on that hub, but still, I haven't publish the hub yet, thanks for the answer.