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How much of Pippi Longstocking's success depends on her being a redheaded protagonist and why?

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren depicts the quirky trials and tribulations of a redheaded, freckle-faced girl. Is the success of Pippi related to stereotypes surrounding the mystique of red hair or did Pippi help define what it means to be a redheaded girl? Would she have had a similar popularity had her hair been blind or brunette or black? What evidence backs up your statement?


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Michaela (Michaela Osiecki) says

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2 years ago
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    Barbara (Storytellersrus) 2 years ago

    Love this answer! Sorry, I did not receive notification that anyone answered me. As a childhood carrot top, it gave me a pang to read "two things that have long been considered undesirable or unattractive to many people" but I know this to be true!