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Where’s the S go?

The only instances where I’ve heard the S placed upon the first word seem to be abbreviations or titles; runs batted in (RBI), yards after the catch (YAC), sisters-in-law, attorneys general, secretaries of state, the Brothers Grimm (Grunt). Is this the proper S placement as a rule? Are there exceptions? I’ve watched sports my entire life, and I’ve never heard anyone say times out, or touches down, or even thirds-and-long. What about free throws? Frees thrown seems okay in past tense, but what if it’s active? Can the free in free throw be plural? I’m lost here.


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Paula (fpherj48) says

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23 months ago
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    Rochelle Frank 23 months ago

    Your answer is exactly right-- it relates to the subject. I know someone who refers to some groups of people as "son of a b**ches". It is more correct to say "sons of b**ches" , but had second thoughts about trying to correct grammar at the moment.

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