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Will the English idiom "trumped up" now take on new meaning? Remember guidelines when answering

We have used the idiom "trumped up" in America for a long, long time - as in "The charges were all trumped up". So using the phrase the old way as a pun, we could ask, "Has the recent email investigation been all 'Trumped' up?" Or giving a different NEW meaning, "Has this whole election now been just plain "trumped up"? (As in that other "up" idiom.) How about: "My neighbor had to go to counseling 'cuz he's just all trumped up in the head. I'm just saying. Please answer as respectfully as you can (without breaking any guidelines), with your own sentence using the idiom "trumped up".


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MizBejabbers says

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13 months ago
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    Billie Kelpin 13 months ago

    Very cool! Let's hope that in a few days our whole lovely nation won't get trumped because of the job Trump did in trumping up the minds of all his followers. Greatest snake oil salesman there every was!