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A Pat on the Back for a Writer You May Not Know

Updated on June 16, 2017

No matter what the subject matter, take time to check into it. Sometimes a pleasant surprise is discovered.


Edgar Allen Poe is a mystery still being uncovered. Amazon has a wonderful inside track on his work with this book

Countless individuals simply give a verbal pat for a job well done. A simple admission to someone is all it takes. Imagine acknowledging a person is moving in the right direction with the work created. Sharing a thumb up for success means a lot to most. The opposite is also sometimes true. Warn if a wrong turn is being made, while still having something nice to say.

Where did the time go? Most admit time constraints never allow this to take place.

There is something to be said for wisdom. Any writer working in the profession for a while and fairly successful has an obligation to read this info. There are times when stopping to smell the roses and sharing a kind word with fellow man is a terrific way to spend time.

Not only does this profession do it, but countless others do as well. As a newbie crosses over to a veteran something happens. Many of the habits when first starting out are lost or gone in the shuffle. One most remembered by many, is making friendships and reaching out to others in the biz.

This is one of the first things which typically is eliminated when pushed for time. Of course it is nice to socialize for the sake of meeting another professional freelance writer, but the time constraints of freelance writing make it difficult.

An enormous benefit of fraternizing is patting a fellow writers on the back. This is characteristically seen with comments or in forums where points of view are revealed. Some even have reviewed articles, products or services on sites with the admission of the high quality of work published by another. The writing world is nicer when this takes place.

Why do it?

There are certainly more than a few reasons patting someone on the back is a good thing. One of the best is sharing knowledge with newbies and others alike. This is an endorsement of work or a job well done. New writers looking researching and educating themselves review material all over the web. Seeing an endorsement is a wonderful way to know this is the right path.

  • Pay it forward

More than a few admitted they need to pay it forward. There was a time when having positive feedback made a difference in going forward.There are frustrating times inside of the biz and there are more that quit than remain starting out in freelance writing.

Give a hand up and pay it forward. For those folks in the game for a while the obligation too assist others with pitfalls is there. Consider saving someone time and money when they are new to the niche.

  • Help fellow writers

Many freelance writers attempt to make a living from the industry more often than not will quit before they ever see success or make a turn in the road that allows them to see whether or not they could have actually made a living from something they enjoyed doing.

Writing for a living is possible, but mistakenly many believe it is an easy road to take. The thought is writers simply sit down and click a couple of keys on a computer and the money rolls in, wrong. Quitting is an option many people take.

  • Get bad content off the web

This is a tough job. There is a lot of remarkable competition in the field and various niches of content which some may or may not enjoy writing. In order to put food on the table a few discover writing something not enjoyable or are they feel opposed to. When jobs come in there are times when beggars are not choosy.

This is when feedback for bad writing is necessary. A good writer chooses the wrong direction all the time. If this is happening, let them know asap. While complimenting the work it is possible to let them know the work sucks.

  • Newbies need it

For newbies to the industry, sometimes simply receiving a hurrah or good fellow cheer when it appears they are floundering or want to throw in the towel is all that is needed to continue. Most remain on the right road and thrive. Who knows, a couple here and there are possibly the next Edgar Allen Poe.

  • It makes a writer read

Good professionals in the business read. This includes books, articles, blogs and all sorts of media. Even looking into a video or picture is a means to an end. Many writers are so busy writing; the opportunity to read is lost. Investigate other articles and content away from a job, research or something currently being worked on. Read for pleasure every once in a while.

Absorb content and share it, leave comments, reviews and anything else which promotes a discussion. Read because there is always something to learn and the greatest tool invented for knowledge is words.

  • Making connections

Connections in the industry are always important. This is especially true for the tough business of writing for a living. Surprisingly these friendships come in handy all of the time and for tons of various reasons. By touching other content outside of our own, it works out well.

This is a two way street. Both parties benefit from a link. Sharing feelings and impressions is a positive thing for both parties.

  • Social content shared

Social websites are the most popular places to share and give feedback. Surprisingly many people admit when someone, even a stranger, comments or shares the return the favor. This means connecting with a new friend along with getting personal articles to more readers.

In conclusion

There are tons of advantages to making a friend or more than likely simply patting a fellow writer on the back. Strangers are still responsible for each other in all sorts of circumstances. Freelance writing is one of those in particular. Not all of these is mentioned here.

Even those in the business for a while see a benefit. There is always a limited amount of time to spend on the biz, but a couple of minutes each day to read and provide someone with a pat on the back for a job well done is worth it. Make a commitment to see it take place at least a couple of times each week.

Images are a great idea with any article.

© 2011 smcopywrite


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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      thank you for your response. i have a blog for freelance writers and will check out your site and the free writing lesson offered there.

    • scarytaff profile image

      Derek James 6 years ago from South Wales

      Quite right! To be a better writer you must read and read and read other works. How else can you improve? I agree with encouraging others as well. I have a free writing lesson on my site.