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Assamese eBooks

Updated on June 10, 2013

Assamese ebooks on your mobile


Assamese ebooks

Just a few months from today, there was no Assamese ebooks. When you looked for it your research ended in a frustration because you could never find proper or true Assamese ebooks. There were some pdf files available as ebooks. Furthermore, some people simply scanned pages of Assamese books and thought they were the ebooks.

But now the situation has changed in 2013. Now, you have access to true “Assamese ebooks” which look like and behave like English ebooks. They offer different settings and optimization options. You can change the text, change the background, change the way you navigate through the book, bookmark the ebooks, and send as a gift to your friends and so on. What’s more, you can even borrow “Assamese ebooks.” Yes, it is there now.

Assamese ebooks on your Tablet

There was always a need for Assamese ebooks. Why?

1. People, whether in Assam, other states of India or other countries of the world found it difficult to carry several Assamese physical books. It was equal hard to ask your friends and families to send books to another state of India or to another country of the world. The cost of transportation was higher than the cost of the books.

2. People moving around form one place to another found it difficult to carry around hundreds of books present in their homes.

3. People had to wait for the physical books to arrive even after buying. With ebooks, you can get them INSTANTLY.

Now Assamese ebooks has changed the scenario.

Now, you can

1. You no longer needs to ship books for yourself or for your friends and families. You can send ebooks as gifts to your friends and family. And you can buy for yourself.

2. Carry hundreds of ebooks in one device. You can take your phone or tablet to any place you go (and it weighs just below 1 kg, even the old-age, dark-age tablets).

3. Get ebooks INSTANTLY. Once you buy an ebook, you get it instantly and start reading it. You no longer have to wait for it to arrive.

4. The cost is less for these ebooks.

Introduction to AssamKart

Questions Answered

Now, how do you read these ebooks?

You can read them on your mobile devices and tablets- Android phones, Android Tablets, iPhone, iPads etc.

How many books are available?

Hundreds of Assamese ebooks are available for you to buy.

Free ebooks

You can download 10 FREE Assamese ebooks to your reading device and start reading immediately.

Where do you find the Assamese ebooks?

You will find them at AssamKart (

The FREE Android app (for Android devices) is available at Google Play Store.

And the FREE iOS app (for iPhones and iPads) is available at Apple’s App Store

AssamKart Assamese ebook Reader App- Android


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