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song of the swans

Updated on February 16, 2010


My daughter and me.

One cell two lives,in her laughter i see

Give her my strength and none of my weakness, for she will have her own.

give her a pulsating heart O lord for therein lies the essence of life.

Give her the eyes with kindness and wonder,to see without malice and with focus.

Give her the heart and mind,to recognise,identify and accept love ,for in love she will find herself and you.

Give her laughter to be free, and tears to be strong with.

Give her A MAN with whom she will be herself.

Give her children, for fulfillment,as you gave her to me.

let her hair grey ,in wisdom,grace, and srength.

And when her time comes to go, take her with her dreams of a life well spent and fought.

A prayer for her my LORD.

MY daughter my precious ,a swans song ,a prayer for her.

My daughter and me, one cell two lives for in her i see my happiness and my dreams.


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    • profile image

      Just A Voice 7 years ago

      This was beautiful. I also have daughters and they are the light of my life. Your poem expressed how I also feel. Very nice.

    • profile image

      abhilasha sharma 8 years ago

      it is a exilent poem .and i like it so much that i will share it with my each and every one.after reading this comment please call me in mobile.and i request you to write more poems like this and make my heart relaxed.

    • sudha madhuri profile image

      sudha madhuri 8 years ago from Dehli

      well concieved, a mothers tribute to her daughter.