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Torn by love

Updated on May 18, 2014
My drawing of a deer and birds.
My drawing of a deer and birds. | Source

Some roses are the scent of love.

A torn too many can hurt the heart.

Life is a whistle from the truth.

Fair game is met with a fair name.

A note of love is a touch in paper.

Love the little and save the poor.

Meet your heart for there you will see.

Enhance your voice with righteousness to make your enemies weak.

Even in secret the Lord watches you.

The goodness of your youth stands in love.

Even in darkness evil fails.

The fight for freedom exists in all.

The strength of one can break all down.

The voice of sadness is a gentle one.

The times of kings were in all ages.

The wise grow old as knowledge comes.

To be clean is good karma.

A wiser fool is hard to follow.

A torn by love can hurt the heart.

Copyright(c) Shamela 24 / January / 2012

My silly art
My silly art | Source


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    • shamela profile image

      Shamela 3 years ago

      Thank you ubanichijioke for your comment on my poem. I like you to know ubanichijioke that I like your poems very much. Your work is really good.

    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 3 years ago from Lagos

      Words dipped in so many lessons of love. Good job!