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Audio Books That Talk to You

Updated on February 9, 2018

Listening to Stories is Pleasurable

There are so many times when just listening to books is far better than holding one in your hand and reading it. We are quite used to listening to things when we are driving, walking, shopping, in bed, or just simply relaxing by the pool. What you hear often stays with you a lot longer than that which you see.

Many years ago my son, Andrew, was injured in the eye and spent time in the Eye hospital with his eyes bandaged. It was boring and frustrating for him to say the least let alone the pain irritation. Searching desperately for something to help him get through it the local shop had an audio tape of the Guns of Navaone. This would certainly do the trick and it did. The whole family listened to it over and over and it is still talked about as they recall the tape but not the reason for its being.

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What You Hear is Retained

It is known among students that what you hear rather than what you read is easier to retain. When I was reading for a degree many of the books were tedious and often sent me into a semi-sleep state with me fighting to absorb the points being made. The brain struggled to understand and to condense the knowledge into memory. It was being worked to a frazzle.

If I could have listened to the stories rather than tiring my eyes and brains with this torture it may have been easier to get the message into my head. This applies to all subjects and every student. this condition is not unique to just a few as even lecturers and teachers fight the slumber bug.

Often readers like to pursue their reading in bed. That means sitting up enough to hold the book and read from it. Even an e-book display has to be held and the fingers need to be in motion to turn the pages. If the room is cool this can also be uncomfortable when hands are exxposed to the air rather than being under the comfortable warm bed clothes.

The times when one has trouble getting to sleep and for insomniacs in general the chance of listening to a story in the dark while lying in bed is a great choice. So I went in pursuit of the best audio books and the following is prohably the one.

This Co. supplies everything in one package inluding a library of 100 classic books for less than $1 each. You can hear a sample of the reading quality and examine the 100% guarantee on the web site. A quick look at the normal cost of one book on audio shows they are usually around the $30 to $40 mark. So this has to be extremely good value. Not only that but you can carry this small pack, no bigger than a deck of card, around when you wallk, ride, travel or just simply plug it in at home to enjoy the stories.

Keep children interested in reading with one of these great magazines. The stories are of the best you will ever see. Your child becomes the hero or heroine of the story as a pop star, princess, super hero, or something else. These books make a great gift for any family member or friend and is sure to encourage them to read on and on. All that is required to create the fantasy is a name and good photo. Enjoy for years.

Visit the Company;'s web site to find out more

How Good is This

Huckleberry Finn is one of the stories in the Library collection along with many other great stories.

Childrens' Classics

Kids of every generation enjoy the stories many times as they never tire of listening to them.

Those who have trouble concentrating on stories will listen while using their hands for other things or while playing with toys,.

What is your Preference?

Do you prefer to listen to a story or read it

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What do Stories do for Kids

Do you think they . . . ?

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Learning to Read

Children Need Reading Exercises

There is no doubt in my mind that children need to be able to read and from a young age. The first readers and nursery rhyme books are essential to let them see the power of the written word. Without this skill they will not progress at school or anywhere else in life. Such a handicap will only hold them back and they will lose their self esteem.

Good books are essential as they progress in their reading and listening to stories, as when a parent reads to them. It enforces the curiosity and helps them to recognise words when they are given the book of the story to read. They can do it from memory, just as the above video demonstrated. Learn the story and the reading follows.

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Catch up on this technology. Develop your own iPhone/iPod Touch applications without the technical knowhow or a lot of expense. You will find that bands are creating albums into apps. Authors turn their books into apps. See you video collections turned into apps. You can have it all for just $29/month! See web site for more details.

There is one thing about good music that beats everything else. The quality of the sound. This Company has gone the extra mile to ensure that musicians are empowered to express their music in all its richness, emotion, beauty and humanity. Simply put it enforces a credo of empowering musical expression in it's ultimate best form of listening pleasure. Check the web site for more details.

. . . Scribe a comment and sign the book before leaving. Thanks, Norma

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    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      6 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice lens, interesting thought on audio books, it would be like in a classroom with the teacher reading a story. Could be helpful for children, will be watching and see what happens. Thanks for sharing.


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