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Poetry Audio Resources

Updated on December 28, 2012

Poetry comes in many forms though it is unquestionably auditory. There are many wonderful interpretations of poetry but there is no substitute for hearing the poet read. He or she may not have the best delivery or the nicest voice but they instinctively know about the tonal variations, the pauses, the stresses.

Much of this is invisible to the reader, it could be compared to the role of the director in a film. The director has an mental vision of how scenes unfold to make the sum of the film, so it is with words and poets. They have a blueprint for the poem and how best to convert it to spoken word.

Subsequently another reader can 'interpret' the poet's version and emulate that or cover that in their own style.

The Poetry Archive

The Poetry Archive exists to help make poetry accessible, relevant and enjoyable to a wide audience. It was initiated by Andrew Motion, former U.K. Poet Laureate.

..what about some Felix Dennis


US Library of Congress have a very nice series of "The Poet and the Poem" Audio Podcasts


Jacket2 is a excellent resource which offers commentary on modern and contemporary poetry and poetics. Jacket2 is associated with PennSound and the Kelly Writers House at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

POEMTALK is a collaboration of the Kelly Writers House, PennSound, and the Poetry Foundation which features mp3 recorded discussions and readings. They also produce excellent Podcasts


PennSound is an ongoing project, committed to producing new audio recordings and preserving existing audio archives. They have an extensive catalogue of recordings;-

Ozymandias of Egypt

Ozymandias of Egypt

LibriVox volunteers bring you sixteen different recordings of Ozymandias of Egypt, by Percy Bysshe Shelley. This was the weekly poetry project for the week of August 20th, 2006.

Fire and Ice by Robert Frost

Volunteer Readings of Fire and Ice

LibriVox volunteers bring you twenty-three different recordings of Fire and Ice, by Robert Frost. This was the weekly poetry project for the week of August 27th, 2006.

One Hundred Verses from Old Japan

100 Verses from Old Japan

In 12th-13th century Japan there lived a man named Fujiwara no Teika (sometimes called Sadaie), a well-regarded poet in a society that prized poetry. At one point in his life he compiled the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu (often known simply as the Hyakunin Isshu), which means “A Hundred Poems by A Hundred Poets” (literally “A hundred people, one poem [each]”).

This collection of a hundred poems is known to almost all Japanese, and over the years it has been translated by many different people. One of the early translators of the collection was William Porter. His translation, first published in 1909, was titled “A Hundred Verses from Old Japan”. (Summary by Kevin Steinbach)

A Collection of 20 public-domain poems.

20 Public Domain Poems with poems like;-
Address to a Haggis by Robert Burns
Ah, Are You Digging On My Grave by Thomas Hardy
A-Sitting on a Gate by Lewis Carroll
Bed in Summer by Robert Louis Stevenson
Casey At The Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer
A Prayer for my Daughter by William Butler Yeats
Ulysses by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
and many more..

Broad Selection of Completed Poetry Projects

Librivox Completed Poetry

79 completed projects at September 12, including 13 Short Poetry Collections containing multiple poems.

Amazon - Poetry collections


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