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august 22, 2008

Updated on March 5, 2010

love is a phenomenon

to this paper and pen i turn

it seems a good vice

although the words i spill

aren't always so nice

unable to comprehend

the meaning of love

it is beyond my soul's vocabulary

a cut above

per se this is love

then has God deceived me?

some would say i speak foolish babble


life's ups and downs

make it hard to cope

add "love" to the equation

i'm an even bigger dope

do we all have just one true love?

or many soul mates sent from above

can someone explain

this so-called phenomenon

please let me in on it

so that my mind may be beyond


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    • profile image

      gwennies pen 7 years ago

      Some people are said to never have found their true love. I hope there is someone, at least one, for each of us to adore and be adored by. Life is too short and lonely without love. Even if it is just in giving of oneself to make someone else's day. A smile, a hug...goes a long way.