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Author Apps

Updated on May 31, 2013

Author Apps

Ever wanted your book to be more accessible? Ever wanted the fans you have of one of your books to easily find your other books? Are you participating in the digital revolution? This is the time to create your own author app. This will be an application that can be downloaded from the apple app store or the android market that will be all about you as an author. All about your books, and your experiences. The content is up to you and the features are up to you! The author app takes your persona to a whole new level! Your books and links to them can never be in to many places!

this could be your app!
this could be your app!

Author Apps

-make your book known-

Many readers if they like a book tend to explore more books by the author or the author themselves. Author apps are a great way to let readers know what you are up to, where you are going to be, connect with you on social media platforms, and even promote your eBook. These app is a great way for you to and your readers to interact with you , and your content all in one place on the go. Best part is the author app is easy to update so it will always have current information on you and your latest works

Huge Difference!

Remember book apps, author apps and eBooks are completely different. Watch the Video below to see how.

Diffrence Between Book Apps and eBooks

Is it Worth it?

Do you think promoting yourself through an App is useful?

Your thoughts on Author Apps

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      mantasticman 4 years ago

      Great content here - thanks for sharing.