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Author's Den for Poets and Authors

Updated on May 3, 2011

Author's Den

Author's Den is a place to share your books, or poems with other authors. You can get reviews of what you share whether that be a poem or an excerpt from your book. They also put the book ad with the poem or excerpt for Amazon so people can buy your book. It is a great way to interact with others and get a feel for what others think of your work. You do not need to have a book to be on there.

Select from 5 very different Author Marketing Memberships

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Sun Petals

  1. AD-Lite (free) is for those just getting started and looking for feedback, information and opportunities.
  2. . Bronze is for authors wanting to link to online bookstores and make unlimited posts with tracking and stats.
  3. Silver is for authors wanting to feature ALL their books via Book Ads and broadcast messages to their fans.
  4. Gold is for authors wanting lots of traffic and to be featured on top level pages on Authors Den.
  5. Platinum is for authors wanting Nonstop Homepage Exposure, plus a book review and an interview.

Author's Den

Sun on Petals

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Where authors and readers come together!

They give you stats on what you share there. This is the stats for some of my poetry that I have shared on there.

Courting: 905

Death: 249

Enchanted: 365

Endless Beauty: 228

Fall in Open May: 316

Holy Temple: 170

I'd Like To Keep You: 343

Each one is on it's own page. You can add a picture with it if you want to and also an ad for the book it is from if there is a book. It is a great way to give previews of your books if you are an author.

Poetry For And From The Soul: - A Collection Of Poems Reflecting The Journey Towards Knowing Thyself

Inside your garden

Of beauty

I kiss you

Kisses filled of honey

In the dawn

Of beginning

I touch you

With hands made sweeter

By the weaving

Of golden moments

I hold like a gem

Precious clocks

Weaving spells

Of time

Casting their magic

Upon me

This poem on Author's Den

Reviews for this poem

~A very magically and awe-inspiring poem! Love the style!

~Like a smile it gives you a good feeling.

~I love the "lightness" to this lovely poem - it has left me feeling uplifted. Beautiful accompanying photograph.

The Collective

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    • profile image

      thrashklown 6 years ago

      Poetry is powerfully different from other forms of literature. It relies on almost pure emotion, often told in simple fragments of story, to drive it. As a poet, you've often battled with rules of form and style, struggled to find a word that both provokes emotion and rhymes with your last line, or let go of form altogether to produce free verse. Following the example of many famous Spanish-language poets such as Pablo Neruda and Federico Garcia Lorca, Palibrio have made it their dream to make publishing readily available for other Hispanic poetry writers. They are now helping to spur the next great expansion of publishing by offering Spanish language authors the opportunity to be published not only in your home country but also in many countries around the globe, in Spanish and English. Not only will you have a book of your own poetry out in the world, you will be able to achieve your goal quickly and affordably. We offer a comprehensive range of Poetry Book Publishing Packages & Services that will make your publishing experience enjoyable, affordable and fast. Gone are the days when publication was a reality for only a selected few. Publish your poems with and share your inspired vision with the world!

    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 6 years ago from Colorado

      Thanks for making me aware of the Author's Den. You have sure gotten lots of exposure and feedback. Appreciate the resource lead and your poetry. :-)

    • profile image

      kimmanleyort 6 years ago

      What a great way to share your work with others. Nice intro to the Author's Den. Blessed.

    • awakeningwellness profile image

      awakeningwellness 6 years ago

      I had never heard of the author's den, it sounds like a great place for you to display your beautiful poetry. :)

    • spritequeen lm profile image

      spritequeen lm 6 years ago

      Very nice!! I'll have to check this out, as I've never heard of it before. Thanks for the info! Great poems!!

    • jvsper63 profile image

      jvsper63 6 years ago

      Lovely poem's. I wish i was even a little bit of one, but I'm not. I used to be when i was very young but i lost it..I just wanted to leave some feedback.