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The Authors Lounge

Updated on October 5, 2012

Relax and join us in The Authors Lounge

The authors lounge is a place you can go to get advice and tips on how to publish your book to Amazon but it doesn't end just there we have lots of advice on how you can promote your books to your readers as well!

We have over the past year (before the authors lounge was created) helped many people format their books and get published onto kindle from there after many requests of help what do we do now the authors lounge idea was born and created. Now a new virtual lounge area we can read the many tips and advice freely with some services thrown in for those who just want us to do it for them.

We are authors too! So we know first hand what your going through; we are friendly and invite you in for a cuppa!

Helping yourself and your sales
Helping yourself and your sales

Just for authors

Advice and tips to help every author

There are many writers in the world and they have created some terrific books some get published some don't.

Please we want you to publish your books!

What we have found is that for many, they think this is all they have to do and the sales will come, um wrong! Sorry but that just isn't true, yes Amazon will help to promote your book but you shouldn't rely soley on this.

Hint - Psst! You have to get the word out and let people know how fantastic your book is!

Okay Okay I hear you!

How your asking.

Well lets start at the begining shall we; your description for you book.

Your description is most probably the most important stage where the reader decides to buy or not. So how is your description? Does it sound exciting? What did your friends think of it? Oh you didn't ask! Hmmm do you have some homework that can be done then :)

So write several copies of your description of your book without giving it away, ask some friends or collegues to read and give their opion which is best and why if you need to improve it go ahead and do so.

Now you can log back into your bookshelf and edit the description - or better yet head over to the authors blog and update it from there.

Oh your not sure how to write the description?

Okay lets help you with that then; the author is the best person to do it because they know the characters so I don't recommend that you outsource that part of it I suggest that you start with the problem.

Yes it is the same for both in non-fiction you are writing about something that has been solved by you and for fiction; the characters are either in trouble or facing a problem.

Just remember a description is not the outline of the book, it must captivate the readers attention so that they want to read more and there for buy your book!

Okay that is just one of the many ways that the Authors Lounge can help you with advice like this there of course is loads more but in your own time head on over there and introduce yourself the door is always open!

What do you need advice and tips for?

Give us an idea of what your struggling with what you put here is what we will make sure that we cover for you. We want you to publish your book so we will help you! So first we need to find out what stage you are at

Have you written a book?

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Your books description

Do you know you have lots of room to add your description? Most only use one tenth of the allotted area which is amazing when you relise this is what your customer is going to read this is what is going to help them to decide if they should buy your book or not!

Your book description length is

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Authors Page

Amazon have an authors page here you can talk a little about yourself and list all of your books

Do you have an Authors Page?

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Authors Blog

Now this is outside of Amazon a blog is where you can chat about your book and the niche it is in if it is non-fiction or if your book is fiction you can chat about your characters. The best place to set up an optin so you can reach your readers when new books are released or even gift them a copy in exchange for a review perhaps.

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The only way you will get answers is if you first ask the question :)

If you have questions about your book please ask us - We want you to publish your book!

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