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Avoid Retirement Stay Alive

Updated on August 30, 2017

Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive Book Review

Avoid retirement and stay alive has a simple message that retirement is a dumb idea that has no place in modern society and that it is a notion that should be removed from all sensible conversation. The book promotes the idea that it is not a good idea for someone to retire and no one should want to retire.

In this radical but thought-provoking book on the second part of your life David Bogan and Keith Davies want to turn everything you think about retirement upside down.

Why Avoid Retirement

Avoid Retirement And Stay Alive Review

Apart from the financial reality that Governments across the world cannot afford the retirement we are all expecting as well as the health cost of a population that is growing older by the day as the baby boomers (generally considered to be those born between 1946-1964) start to retire. That is why a lot of Governments are raising the retirement age slowly hoping your will die before they have to pay you.

Instead the authors say that we should rearrange our lives to suit our changing circumstances and that you should not allow the idea that we all have a use-by date when we stop and vegetate. You just need to look at the wealthiest men in the world. They do not retire even though they can at any time, why because they love what they are doing.

That is how you avoid retirement; find work (not a job) that you will want to carry on with for the rest of your life.

Where Did The Idea Of Retirement Come From?

Avoid Retirement And Stay Alive Review

The book looks at the history of retirement and explains how retirement is a modern idea.

That before the industrial revolution people did not retire but as people moved from the land to the cities to work in factories that needed strong younger people, the older workers were forced to retire.

What Is The Difference Between Work, Job And Retirement?

Avoid Retirement And Stay Alive Review

There is a big difference between the word job ('usually done for hire or a profit') and work ('expenditure of energy, application of exertion for a purpose'). Notice the word purpose in the definition of work. The whole idea of this book is to find a purpose in life that you can do for the rest of your life.

The word retirement implies disappearing from view, and that we do not have energies can still be channeled into creative, fulfilling and valuable lives

The Good And The Bad of Avoid Retirement And Stay Alive

Avoid Retirement And Stay Alive Review


The book is aimed more at professional people. None of the case studies include people that are in a physical job. Most of them only had a small adjustment to make to carry on their life as the wanted.

The ideas in Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive are so radical from the current thinking about retirement that you need a very open minded to the ideas contained in Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive. Reading some reviews on the internet you can see a lot of people have retirement so engrained into their mind that they cannot get the most from this book.


This book is for anyone over thirty and even those who are themselves seniors, or moving in that direction, should find the authors give them the inspiration and confidence to redirect their lives at any stage. As the book reminds us - 'think of your hair as silver, not grey'.

If you have an open mind you can see that retirement has changed and this book will open your eyes to the possibilities of a long life doing what you want to do.

To Retire or Not Retire

Do you think you should retire or follow the advice of this book


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