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My peregrinations with the Mountains

Updated on March 11, 2016
A night with the Mountains
A night with the Mountains

A night with the Mountains

Amidst the darkness I sit awake by the window..
Looking at the black mountain Figures and the far off city lights.. 'Is any one there?' I think...
How would it be to spend a night all alone..with the mountains?
But when the night goes away...will there still be those mountains? Or a new civilization emerging with a new Democratic propaganda?
I see that everything around me... Rises and fades away..
Life is just a passing moment..nothing is meant to stay..
Is it true that We all come into this world...just to leave it one day..?
Then why are my fears stronger than my dreams?
Why is talking to any mortal being of the opposite gender sometimes tougher than crossing water streams?
Why is the thought of doing what I love asking the opinion of the Society around me?
What if I had to leave this world tomorrow...would I be ready?
Would I complete all those Stuck up 'To do' things near my table?
Would I have completed my college assignments?
Would my dreams leave with me?
If death doesn't come with a warning... Then why are my dreams waiting for a warming welcome?
Or is my mind another dictator killing those signs...
I just realized that those mountains are long gone...I have reached a new city. I should've stayed a night with them.
Damn it! will I get another chance again?..
‚Äč Or will the Dictator destroy it too?


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 22 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Nice poetry. Thanks for sharing.