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A Passion For Writing

Updated on May 18, 2016

Writing With Passion

A place to find inspiration, hints, tips and all the writing resources that you need to become a good writer. All that any writer really needs to become a good writer is a mentor who will guide them as to how they can better use the talent that they have been given.

My name is James Chapman and I am your host at A Passion For Writing. I have been a freelance writer for over twenty years and enjoy in every day a passion for the talent that I have been gifted with. At A Passion For Writing, the mission is to help as many writers as possible to become more successful and you will find here all the writers resources that you need to become a good writer.

Browse through our collection of articles and find out how to improve your writing experience. Starting with the selection of 'must read' articles that are proving most popular with our readers. They all have proven techniques for increasing your writing ability and enhancing your writer's talent.

Being a good writer brings you the opportunity to earn money with your writing, whether it is with traditional book and novel writing, magazine writing or with online article writing.

All of the recommended links have been reviewed and chosen because of the value that they add to a writer's experience. Each of the recommended writers resources have been used many times by myself and other writing friends.

A Passion For Writing brings to you all the writers resources that you need, all in one place. So, bookmark us and keep coming back for more. Enjoy your time here and always enjoy your writing.

A Place To Find Inspiration

It is surprising sometimes how the inspiration comes to you when you least expect it. Walking through a park and just relaxing on a seat and all of a sudden you get a new idea for an article topic, the title for your new book or a great subject for a novel.

How to be a Writer That People Want to Read

You can be a very good writer, but if you don’t provide your readers exactly what they are interested in reading, you will have put effort into producing work that only a few people will see. Discover right now how to be a writer that people want to read.

Just think for a moment about why it is that people read. It is to acquire a much better understanding, to gain more knowledge, to find out the latest trends, to keep up with the news, to be motivated or for them just to discover how to do something and there are many more reasons.

In other words, they are looking for different interests to be fulfilled and they will read the articles that have titles and descriptions that relate to their interest and that provide them with the information that they need.

Only by providing information, knowledge and facts that will satisfy all your reader’s needs, can you be sure that they will want to read most of your work over and over again.

So, how can you be a writer that people will want to read? What is it that you need to do to make it happen?

The Things That People Want To Read

As a writer, take your readers to the places that they have never visited before and may never get the chance to visit.

Inspire your readers with imaginative stories that create for them a very different world than the one that they know.

Motivate your readers with words that will lift their spirits and help them to rise above their personal storms.

Provide your readers with the knowledgeable facts of how to do many of the things that they want to do in their lives, if only they knew how to.

Discuss with your readers many of the health related problems that are affecting all of our lives, at one time or another.

Describe for your readers the incredible wonders of nature, the animals, birds, reptiles, insects, plants and landscapes.

Take your readers to the depths of the ocean, or the far reaches of outer space, so that they can know and understand it all better.

If you are an expert in a particular subject provide your readers the help and advice that will answer their many questions.

Writing Style

But, it is not just the subject and content that is important. If you want your readers to continue to keep coming back to read your work you will need to also think about the writing style that you use.

Write with enthusiasm by putting your feelings and emotions into all of your writing, use words that inspire and that will really create an interest in what you are writing.

Write the text in short sentences and paragraphs so that it is easier on the eye of the reader and so that it will retain their interest.

Use subtitles and paragraph headings where it is appropriate and add bullet points and numbering to make it very clear for the reader exactly what it is that you want to convey.

Don’t use a lot of unnecessary words or expressions that will cause the reader to either, misunderstand what you are trying to say, or to totally lose interest in the subject that you are writing about.

When you are providing information write with authority, but be careful not to seem arrogant to the reader as this will just turn their interest off.

And above all write as if you are having a conversation with the readers, don’t make it a one way dialogue that only fulfils your needs and in so doing neglects the needs of the readers.

Always enjoy your writing.

Writers Spotlight - This Book Is A Must Have For Any Writer

A Writer's Inspiration
A Writer's Inspiration

A valuable set of writing tips which will provide considerable insight and inspiration to aspiring and seasoned writers alike. This book is also the perfect gift for anyone who wants to be a writer and is looking for the help to get started.


Topics Which Gain The Most Attention

Writers have a large set of topics which they can write about, but which are the topics which receive the most attention from their readers? Take a look at the list and maybe you will want to start using the topics which your readers will find most interesting.

The topics which will attract the most attention from your readers and in so doing become popular will be the ones that also provide you with the best earning potential.


People wish to know what health precautions they should be taking and which are the symptoms they need to be aware of, what to do to reverse the affects of aging, which are the best medicines to use, what exercises are good for them, etc.

They want to find out as much information as possible about any health related subjects. What they are looking for is anything which will assist in improving their personal well being and enhancing their opportunities for a longer life expectancy.


Which are the world’s best destinations to take a vacation, what are the most interesting attractions that they should see, what is the culture, are the people there friendly, what sort of food can they expect and what will be the overall cost.

Everybody loves travel, whether it is in their own country or to different places in the world and to experience all the many exciting activities that they can have from travelling in other countries. Even if they don’t travel they will want to read about the different locations in the world.


Culinary delights described in detail with wonderful pictures, country kitchen recipes, recommended types of restaurants, fascinating food you have discovered around the world or just the best takeaway that you enjoyed most.

We all enjoy eating good food so it makes sense that we would want to know what to buy, how to cook it, what it tastes like, where to eat it and which countries have the best food choices.


Everybody wants to read about how they can receive some more money, whether it is from the virtual world or in the physical world they want to know who can help them get the money, how long it will take and what they have to do in order to receive it.

What they are most interested in reading about are the ways which they can increase their personal finance and how that will then improve their personal position with regard to money.

Self Improvement

People want to learn more about themselves and find the best advice as to how they can improve who they are, how they behave and what ways they can succeed more in their lives.

They want to be more confident, more self aware and be more motivated to achieve new heights in their lives. Reading articles which fulfil these needs will greatly help them to self improve and personally grow.

Writing Tips

Many people are now spending their time writing articles online to try and earn some extra cash and they are looking for the best writing tips which will help them to achieve their goal.

They are seeking guidance from established writers who have already learnt which the best subjects to write about are and how they can write in a way that will most interest their readers.

Ok, these are the topics you should be writing about to receive the most attention and gain the highest earnings for your work. Now all you need to do is decide on your titles, summaries and the article content.

The Inspiration of the Night

The perfect time to find those inspirational words that you need to complete the final chapter of your book. While others sleep a writer's ideas will flow like good wine.

Always Write From Your Heart

Popular successful writers all have the same thing in common when it comes to their writing. They put their heart into their work and express their feelings, which is why so many people want to read them, again and again.

How To Be A Popular Writer

Featured 'Must Read' Article

Many writers are producing, what they think are, really good pieces of work with subjects that, they are sure, other people will find interesting. But those same writers cannot understand why it is, that they are not in the set of writers that are most popular. Why is that, what are they doing wrong and what can they do about it?

Writers that are popular and read by a continuously growing audience of ardent followers, don't really have to worry anymore about what it is that makes them popular, because it is something that they discovered quite a while ago, so now they just do those same things each time they write.

Let us explore some of the possible ways that writers become popular, by looking at three specific areas, the writer, the intangible contributions and the tangible contributions.

The Writer

Letters, words, sentences and paragraphs are used by all writers, but by having an individual writing style; it will mean that as a writer, you can offer a unique approach to your writing and the reader's enjoyment.

Each writer has their own personality, which will, depending on how it is received provide an added interest to the reader. A writer's charisma is also a strong positive in attracting the attention of readers and gaining popularity with them.

Experience as a writer, over many years, will allow you to carefully tune your writing skills and make it a lot easier to produce pieces of work that are readily acceptable and eagerly awaited by your readers.

Reading Is So Important

Reading other writer's work will provide you with valuable insights. The more you read, the more you will succeed as a writer.

Writers Reference Sources

Each of the books that are featured here have been reviewed and then chosen for recommendation by ourselves, to provide for you as a writer the essential references and resources that you need to enhance your writing experience.

Our Mission

at A Passion For Writing is to help as many writers as possible to become more successful

Recommended Writers Resources

Here you will find useful links for more writers resources that will help you to become a more successful writer.

Author Spotlight

James Chapman

James Chapman was born in London, England and grew up in the post World War II years. For thirty two years he traveled the world in his business capacity as an international business coach and motivational speaker and advised many of the world's leading companies. He was University educated in London, England, where James achieved diplomas in electronics, psychology and analytical science. And further studies at Harvard Business School gained him a MBA in business management.

James is a freelance writer and his writing has received wide critical acclaim. He is soon to publish his new book, 'In Danger of Dying,' which is a suspense thriller that looks through the eyes of the hostage negotiator during an armed siege.

A Place To Find Inspiration

Where does inspiration come from? Is it just a thought? Are we using our imagination? Or does it come from our dreams?

Lots of great information - I am going to be on your page for a long time.

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