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Updated on May 29, 2019
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S A AZMAT writes what's on his mind to give something new to others.


Chapter 1 PRICE

In the city ''Dan,'' darkness from the sky was converting into bright light. Animals and birds were starting to make noises. People were waking up. Stalls were being opened. Everyone was getting ready to make breakfast or to do some work.

''new slaves!'' a man was shouting in the middle of the market ''new slaves for sale!''

''Fresh meat!''

''new clothes, low price!''

''perfect jewelry for a perfect lady!'' every sail’s merchant was trying to lower costumers towards their stall.

It was just like any other normal day for the citizens of Dan. Until, a soldier came and announced, ''three men are wanted for the murder of the lord of Dan, they killed him last night, they are accompanied with three to four young women, one man has only one arm, all of the three are nearly 20 years old, whoever finds them will be rewarded 10,000wids and whoever helps them to escape or offers them their place to hide will be sentenced to death.''

Two days earlier….

Three men Gawr, Lim and Sal were traveling towards the city ''Za'' to find ''Elriz'', he was wanted by the kingdom for killing several high ranking officials. They had been traveling for a long time and decided to rest for some time. Taking their luggage out from the cart they made a camp under some trees. Gawr decided to make something to eat and sent Lim to fetch water. Eating the meal they fell asleep. When Lim woke up, he saw that their luggage was gone and shove Sal and Gawr to see. They started to find the thief but no clue of him/her was to be found. Sal discovered some trails a few meters away from where they were resting. They followed it and the trail leads to a man who was holding their stuff. He was alone and no other person was with him.

Gawr said, ''they should capture him now before he joins his other fellows.''

Lim, ''but we don’t have any weapons, everything we had he is holding it.''

Gawr, ''look at him he doesn’t carry anything, only weapons he has are the ones he stole from us and I doubt that he knows how to handle one, we should capture him now without thinking more.''

They rushed towards him, Lim knocked him out by punching his face. After that, they tied him up to a tree and started to check everything if anything is missing or not.

when they were about to leave the thief said in sorrow, ''please, don’t take it away I need to get some money and I need to get it quick otherwise….'' The thief started to cry, ''if I don’t get the money in time then she is going to die, my wife is going to die.''

Gawr said smiling, ''why? She needs medicine? Come-on man don’t pull this one on us its the oldest trick in every thief’s book.''

Lim, ''Gawr! don’t be so immature, he might be in desperate need of something, let him tell what it is first then you can say something if its true or not.''

Gawr, ''alright thief explain yourself and you better not be lying to us.''

Thief, ''I am a farmer from the city ''Dan,'' I was married to a beautiful lady two months ago, few weeks after my marriage my wife was taken away from me by city’s soldiers to the lord of Dan, I requested the lord '' please lord tell me what have we done wrong, why you have taken her? Please let her go'' then the lord said, ''you want your wife? give me 20,000wids otherwise she will remain here and I will do to her what I please'' that’s why I need the money and I need it fast.''

Gawr in tension with a disturbed voice, ''why would he do that?''

Thief, ''lord of Dan likes women more then anything, he likes to have them around him but not for long, if he gets bored from one he either sells them or do something else, whatever he does they are not seen again in the city. Someone once told me that, ''the lord of Dan abuses women, beats them and have unethical relations with them, he treats them as they are just toys not human'' and I am afraid the same thing is happening to my wife and if he sends her away I might never see her again.'' He continued while crying, ''please help me, I need money.''

Gawr with a soft voice, ''don’t worry we will save your wife, and we will bring her back to you, just show us the place.''

Sal, ''what is your name?''

Thief, ''Arta''

Gawr, '' alright Arta show us the way''

Arta was leading and they were following. After one day when they were near the city entrance Arta said, ''I am not allowed to enter the city until I have the money, if I go with you I will be killed and you will be captured, you should go without me otherwise it will be difficult for you to enter.''

Gawr, ''and what about the lord’s palace?''

Arta, ''its located in the middle of the city, its really big you wouldn’t miss it.''

Into the city

Gawr was still not convinced, before he believed the man but now he was not sure and decided to search about the matter first then do something. Upon arriving in the city they divided the search, Gawr will go around and ask locals, sal and Lim will spy on the lord to see his doing and they will meet at night near the city entrance. So, they separated and begin their work.

Gawr went to a meat stall and asked him, ''hey brother! What’s the price of meat?''

Meat seller, ''2wids a pound''

Gawr , ''what's the price for words?''

Meat seller, ''it depends on quality''

Gawr, ''solid and about lord of Dan''

Meat seller, ''1000wids''

Gawr asked the meat seller about the lord and the story told by the farmer.

The meat seller, ''it is right and most of the women are not from this city as they are smuggled from other cities and towns.''

Gawr paid the men and head towards other people to find more information but in the end, the story remained the same.

On the other hand, Lim and Sal were spying on the lord of dan, they saw him paying some suppliers and buying women then chaining the women and putting neck collars on them after that making them walk behind him like animals then putting hot water on their naked bodies hitting them and using their bodies.

Sal couldn’t see anymore and tried to rush towards the women to save them but Lim stooped him and said, ''first we have to tell Gawr about this and then do something, we are only two and there are more than 15 guards in that palace, we don’t have a chance against them as we don’t even have our weapons with us.''

The night came and they met in front of the city entrance. Lim told Gawr, how sal was being a fool rushing into things but Lim stopped him.

© 2019 Saak Azish


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