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Batman: Why So Popular?

Updated on September 16, 2014

Detective, Dark Knight, and The Caped Crusader. Why wouldn't you like him with all those cool names?

Batman, this extraordinary super hero has a Tremendous amount of fans even those that don't know his full history or even the comic itself. Most are a fan because he is a hero that you can relate to (maybe not the vast fortune part) and is more realistic then most superheroes with an exception of a few others. Or just because of his movies or cartoons. All good reasons to like this character but not that many people know of Batman's start where he killed the villains and had no remorse. I actually thought that was pretty cool because he is more like Punisher in that way. It actually seems he is in a loosing battle when fighting Joker and all the other villains. Although, it keeps the story going without creating any new villains. (lazy? Or Smart?)

Detective Comics - Boom Dead, boom dead. And, again Boom. Dead.

Batman had little to no remorse after killing a criminal. Top two pictures is the first appearance of the Batman in no. 27 of Detective comics. Bottom left he goes after monk vampires and shoots them dead. Bottom right well you get the picture. Batman didn't stop killing his criminals till he shot giant monstrous creatures dead, thats when editor Whitney Ellsworth made it so Batman couldn't kill again. Good thing too cause who knows they might of killed off the Joker after his first appearance.

Dark Knight

Batman Art by El Grimlock at Deviant Art

It seems Batman is better solo in the movies and Batman having a side-kick in the comics is the way to go. After Robin was introduced the comic grew in popularity.

Awesome Painting of The Dark Knight

Vast Quantity of Allies - Yet Batman works best alone, or does he?

From Nightwing to Catwoman, Batman's sub characters really make his comic book an interesting and always different read for fans. Like some say "You know they are going to win, just finding out how is the exciting part." Who is your Favorite of Batman's Sub characters? And, if you have a favorite Villain leave in the comment section below. I'll eventually put this to a poll when it will allow me to put more than two choices.

Batman Arkham CIty

Great Game Looking Forward to Arkham World

A very entertaining game wether its playing the story or scaring some random inmates. Almost as fun as Saints Row The Third. Now only if You can drive the Bat-mobile in the next one. I hope that now that they made these awesome Batman games they will make a Superman game that would compare if not better. It is possible with Superman's endless amount of enemies to make a interesting game.

Arkham City Skins - Can you name them all? Which is your favorite?


What do you think about this character and his movies?

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