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Batman Back To School Ideas

Updated on August 30, 2017

Are you ready for a new school year?

Getting school supplies for a new school year can be both daunting and exciting for your child as well as for you. On the one hand it's great to be able to choose some really cool supplies but on the other hand it's always a little scary for your child when they are going into a new grade and aren't sure what to expect. In this lens I'm going to show you both some of the fantastic Batman back to school products that you can buy to make the transition from home back to school a little bit more fun!

Whether your child prefers The Dark Knight or the traditional 1960's Batman there are some super cool Batman binders, Batman stationery, Batman T-Shirts, Batman bags, Batman lunch boxes and Batman Stickers which will not only be fun to try out but will make their school days more fun!

Ka Pow!

Back To School With Batman!

Official Batman Merchandise

Over at the Batman Zazzle Store they have a huge range of Batman inspired products to keep even the most particular Batman fan happy! They stock everything from T-Shirts to ipad covers. Don't forget to check out the binders, stickers and notebooks!

Batman Pen Sets

For generations there has always been that last minute rush to buy the "perfect" stationery for those first days back at school. I remember it well and now my kids are older it's as if nothing has changed. If your kids are Batman fans why not spoil them with a batman stationery set to match their batman binders. This one contains all the essentials for their school year.

Batman School Bags

Pack all their school supplies into a trendy Batman school bag to carry around with them. Not only are they practical they look great too! They will Wow their school friends with their new back to school Batman bag and enjoy the fact that they can show off their new bag to all their friends. I would love to be young again so that I could use one of these but I'm sure I'd get really odd looks taking a batman bag to the store!

Batman Logo Black Messenger Bag
Batman Logo Black Messenger Bag

The traditional black and yellow bat signal is a classic symbol of batman lore.

Warner Bros Batman Backpack - Boy's School Bag
Warner Bros Batman Backpack - Boy's School Bag

The ideal backpack for the batman fan!


Batman Lunch Boxes

Even the youngest student will appreciate these Batman lunch boxes! Pack them their favorite sandwiches, drinks and snacks in one of these and you'll be the best parent in the world! All kids love to swap and share their school lunches and these cool Dark Knight lunch boxes are the best of the best! Their sandwiches have never been so excited!

Batman Cape Lunch Box Bag Dual Compartment by Thermos Company
Batman Cape Lunch Box Bag Dual Compartment by Thermos Company

The traditional bat signal batman logo lunch box based on the original 1960's TV series.


A New School Year!

Children react differently to starting a new school year and whereas some can't wait to get back into learning other find the idea of going back to school terrifying! My oldest is starting at secondary school this year and is really excited but I can't help but wonder if he'll still be excited a few days before the big day!

Does your child look forward to the new school year?

Batman Footwear

Don't forget their feet! One of the most sought after and needed back to school items is the humble shoe! It goes without saying that their feet will suddenly grow over the summer as it's one of life's mysteries but even if they don't grow parents have always felt the need to buy new shoes at the beginning of the school year! Choose from a range of super Batman shoes and Batman sneakers to make yourself stand out this year and for those wetter days why not invest in a pair of Batman Wellies? There are many other sizes available of course and you can find just what you want in the latest Dark Knight footwear!

Are you planning for a Batman School Year?

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