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Batman Goes Steampunk

Updated on January 5, 2017
Steampunk Batman
Steampunk Batman | Source

Being a fan of The Dark Knight since way back, and Steampunk for a handful of years now, the combination of the two naturally had me interested in the idea of blending the two.

The darker side of both genres are a match, and the novel "Gotham by Gaslight" blends them together quite nicely.

Steampunk technology includes steam-powered gadgets and scientific gizmos, and who has a history of being associated with the like more than Batman and his suit of armor and utility belt.


Gotham by Gaslight

"Gotham by Gaslight" takes Bat-Man back to Victorian era Gotham, where he quite naturally runs into Jack the Ripper, who he both pursues and is accused of being. It seems being mistaken as the bad guy has a way of following The Dark Knight around.

The artwork is great, but the storyline ends a bit too soon and could use some expanding, which I presume is the reason behind the release of the follow-up book "Batman: Master of the Future", although the second book has a different set of illustrators.

Steampunk Batman at The Asylum, Lincoln, England, September 2012
Steampunk Batman at The Asylum, Lincoln, England, September 2012 | Source

The tale shares a lot of the same characters and story lines that most Batman fans will find familiar, including how his parents are killed and he has someone step forward to take care of him.

Some find the plot somewhat contrived and predictable at times, but for me, I enjoy a departure from the same old same old from time to time, so this book is a nice distraction, and the artwork lends itself well to the overall experience.

I recommend this book to any geek who likes Steampunk and/or the Dark Knight.

Gotham By Gaslight Reviews

Gotham by Gaslight Video Game Fizzles

Back in 2009, Day 1 Studios was working on a video game for the PS3 and Xbox 360 based on the Gotham by Gaslight novel. It was to involve Batman tracking down Jack the Ripper in a dark and foggy world aided by the ability to see in the dark.

Below is some prototype footage of the gameplay.

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