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Batman Vs. Superman Movie and The Dark Knight Returns

Updated on October 18, 2014

Will we finally get an answer to who would win?

Most comic book fans have already seen this in the animated film Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2. To be honest the clash was not that impressive in that movie. Who knows maybe they will make it a little more impressive in the live action film Batman Vs. Superman set to premiere in 2016. To answer the question in the title... No I don't think we will get a decisive answer cause for one thing, the out come is already predetermined in the circumstances of the fight that will take place. I don't think the fight is going to have Superman wanting to hurt Batman. Nonetheless, I am very excited to see this in a live action setting. Might the fans get let down by this movie? It is a very real possibility cause hardcore fans are very judgmental.

Judgements Already on the Table

The movie is not even finished and already people have been judging the Batman's suit. The first still shot of Ben Affleck in the Bat-Suit swarmed criticism. From the ears to the Bat symbol criticisms arise. Mostly from people that don't follow comic books but still present.

If you don't know the suit at least is based off the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns story line. I personally love this rendition of the Bat-Suit probably my favorite so far. With Michael Keaton's Bat-Suit (Batman 1989) in second.

The picture to the right is a toy version of the suit but you can really see how perfect the suit is comparing them. A better quality image of the Ben Affleck Bat-Suit Below.

The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & 2

Both are great animated films based of the comic books of course. In the second film it will have the fight between Batman and Superman. Also Featuring other Batman Villains such as the Iconic Joker. A definite must see for Batman Fans.

Best Bat-Suits - The answers are in order from left to right.

Which is your Favorite Bat-Suit?

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The Fight - The Bat-Suit definitely suggest there will be a real fight.

Will the fight be the same as the animated version?

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The Casting Suggest Original Story Line - Batman Vs. Superman IMDB Link

The casting has characters in which were not present in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Such as Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Will this be a New 52-esk story line? Could this suggest it will not have Carrie Kelly as Robin? The Plot is still not available so anything is possible. But, I don't think it's likely that they will try to tell a similar story as any previous DC novels or movies. As we seen in Man of Steel the makers of this film will come up with their very own ideas of how this universe will move forward.

Presents of a Red Head?

Will the Girl Robin Carrie Kelly make an appearance?

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A Better Look At The Bat-Suit and Bat-Mobile

What I'm Hoping For In This Film

Superman and Batman are two of my favorite superheroes. Being a DC fan I really want this movie to do well. I'm hoping to see great action scenes with a crazy plot twist (could be nice). We definitely will see some great special effects. Possibly a jumping point to making a Justice League movie especially since they are bringing in Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Just hoping to see some great things from this movie. I'll add my review right to this lens once the movie comes out. let me know in the comments what your predictions are for the outcome of Batman vs. Superman.

New Official Title and Logo

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Just got this news as of now (May 21, 2014). Looks like I might be right with the new 52 angle on this. Justice League movie possibilities after this are more promising. What I'm not sure about is why they changed the versus in the title to just a "v". Some people think it might be a legal battle instead which is what the "v" is commonly used for. Who knows if it is just to through people off the scent. But, it does have me intrigued. What do you think this could mean? Superman and Batman could just be meeting for the first time and they argue the entire movie (that wouldn't be good).

A New Suit for Superman

For Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Like when the Batman image was put out there is criticisms for this one as well. But, I for one like it. It's obviously a image of Superman in Gotham City. The suit has very subtle differences than the previous one, like the belt and the wrist design to name a few. The symbol looks better too, it being more perfectly sized and bolder.

From the pictures being released I'm getting pretty excited to see this movie. It does make me want to see what Wonder Woman and Cyborg are going to look like. On the other hand I kind of want that to be a surprise. Let me know what you think about this movie so far?

Wonder Woman Revealed

For Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Lots of mixed feelings on this by the fans. I personally like it just because I'm guessing this outfit is before she actually becomes the hero known as Wonder Woman. Because before that she was Just Diana Amazon Warrior/Princess. So it makes sense that she isn't dawning the red white and blue colors. The sword could of been better though am I the only one that thinks that thing looks too much like a toy?

Wonder Woman will be played by Gal Gadot known for her role in a couple of the fast and the furious movies. In this picture she doesn't seem to have the face for what I would have imagined her to look like. But, I can see it being a good fit. We'll just have to wait and see. What do you think?

Jena Malone as Carrie Kelly


So they are most likely making the movie a lot like The Dark Knight Returns animated movies. With this sort of leak. She looks a lot like the character from the animated movie. Who knows if she is any good. I'm not familiar with any of her work. Guess that poll above was finally realized. Unless this rumored reveal.


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