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Bear Idioms

Updated on June 11, 2019
Ben Reed profile image

Ben has held a life-long interest in language and has a particular interest in the expressions, phrases, and idioms that contribute to it.

What is an Idiom?

Welcome to my article on Bear Idioms.

There are a number of idioms that are related to bears. Some of these are negative in tone, but most bear related idioms emphasize the strength and forceful nature of this magnificent wonder of the animal world.

An idiom is a phrase or an expression whose meaning does not relate to the literal meaning of its words. When you use an idiom in everyday language, then it has a different meaning than the basic meaning or definition of the words as found in a dictionary.

An example of this might be "break a leg." If taken literally, then you are being told to break your leg. However, this phrase, or idiom is often used by actors to say "Do well" before they go out on stage.

Bear Idioms
Bear Idioms | Source

Bear Idioms Numbers 1 to 4

1. As Busy as a Hibernating Bear.

A way of saying that someone is not at all busy.

An example might be: "he says that he has no time to help out at the party, but I know he is off work that day, he's as busy as a hibernating bear".

2. A Bear Hug.

To put your arms around someone and hug them tightly in order to show affection.

Example Sentence: "He put his arms around tightly around me and gave me a huge bear hug."

3. Be a Bear for Punishment.

To stand rough treatment. A way of saying that someone is rugged or tough.

Example Sentence: "Tony is tough guy, he is a real bear for punishment."

4. A Bear Market.

A Bear Market is a period of time when investors are feeling pessimistic are as a consequence, they are more likely to sell rather than buy shares.

Example Sentence: "I should have sold those shares earlier, I knew it was a bear market."

Loaded For Bear - Idiom
Loaded For Bear - Idiom

5. Loaded For Bear.

A way of saying that someone is ready for a fight. In a rage.

Example Sentence: "They were armed to the teeth, they were definitely loaded for bear."

6. Bear Up.

A way of saying that you should remain in high spirits. Even if things are no going well for you.

Example Sentence: "Joey is bearing up well. Especially when you consider what she is going through."

To Grin and Bear Video

Bear Idioms Numbers 7 to 10

7. Grin and Bear It.

A way of saying that someone should put up with, or endure something unpleasant with good humour.

Example Sentence: "I don't like having to do this anymore than you do, but I will just have to grin and bear it."

8. To Have a Bear By The Tail.

A way of saying that a person has a big or difficult decision to make.

Example Sentence: "I know that you find this a difficult thing to do, but you simply have to grab the bear by its tail and get it done."

9. Slick as Bear Grease.

Meaning: That a person is a slick and smooth operator.

10. Be like a Bear with a Sore Head.

A way of saying that someone is in a bad mood and treating others badly.

Example Sentence: "I don't know what's up with you this morning, you're like a bear with a sore head."

Like a bear with a sore head - idiom
Like a bear with a sore head - idiom

Bear Idiom #11

"To Bear a Grudge."

A way of saying that a person is angry about something - not willing to forget.

More Idioms About Bears

12. Hungry as a Bear

A way of saying that you are very hungry.

Example Sentence: "I am absolutely ravenous this morning, I'm as hungry as a bear."

13. Gruff as a Bear.

A way of saying that someone is unsociable, or speaks in a very abrupt rude way.

Example Sentence: "I'm annoyed with Anthony, he never says good morning or acknowledges me, he's as gruff as a bear most days."

14. Take the Bear by the Tooth

A way of saying that you have put yourself in a dangerous position.

Example Sentence: "I know the snowfall made the roads treacherous, but I just took the bear by the tooth and drove anyhow."

Take a bear by the tooth - idiom
Take a bear by the tooth - idiom

Can You Bear to Watch This?


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    • Ben Reed profile imageAUTHOR

      Ben Reed 

      16 months ago from Redcar

      Thank you Asher for your comment. I will certainly try to address your request.

    • Ash Talk profile image

      Asher Kabeer 

      16 months ago from Rawalakot

      Great work. you should also add sentences of every idiom.

    • goldenrulecomics profile image


      6 years ago from New Jersey

      Nicely done!

    • Ben Reed profile imageAUTHOR

      Ben Reed 

      6 years ago from Redcar

      @MaryMitchell: Thanks for your visit and comment - very much appreciated.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Bears are great and no danger to anyone, until we invade their space as we do with so many wild animals!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great info here, I just went through your last 5 sites and I like'd them all

      David P here

    • mermaidlife profile image


      7 years ago

      Bear in mind or is it - bear in mind. or how about bear necessities or is it - bare necessities. oh well I tried.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I don't think I've ever heard "As busy as a hibernating bear" before, it certainly does paint a picture!


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