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Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Updated on March 1, 2015

The Beautiful Bastard Series

"The Next Fifty Shades of Grey!" This is what really caught my attention. There are so many books that will beat Fifty Shades of Grey because of a great storyline, character development, and scenes. But I guess there will always be one Fifty Shades of Grey.

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren is a book with a mature theme. It was originally available online with the title The Office in fanfiction sites and captured a great number of readers worldwide. Its popularity brought about its update and re-release in the market.

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Beautiful Bastard - A Glimpse - Beautiful Bastard 1

Beautiful Bastard is a funny and sexy story of Bennett and Chloe. Bennett returns from France to take the position offered by his father in their company. Chloe is a trusted employee of the said company. She is also considered as a part of the family. With Bennett's impending transfer, Chloe is promoted to become his assistant.

Bennett and Chloe has an undeniable draw. No matter how they try to avoid being too close for comfort, they always find themselves in unexpected situations. When they finally surrender to their feelings, they find themselves trapped into their own world and with the people surrounding them.

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Beautiful Bastard Series

My Thoughts

Beautiful Bastard is a light and funny book to read. The characters are normal and likeable. The scenes and encounters are quite common but with a twist. But what struck me most is the friction in personalities between the main characters.

Comparison to Fifty Shades of Grey. Beautiful Bastard cannot be compared with Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James. The theme is similar. Both are Twilight fanfictions. But the similarities end there. These are 2 different stories and plot. Fifty Shades of Grey has more drama in it. Beautiful Bastard is light and fun. Additionally, the books in the series are not connected with each other.

Beautiful Stranger - A Glimpse - Beautiful Bastard 2

Beautiful Stranger is a story of a Max and Sara. Max is one of the city's bad boys. Each and every time, a new face is seen hanging around with him. Sara is a mysterious woman who moves to New York to leave her life behind. They meet one night and an undeniable pull leaves them wondering. Max becomes captivated and intrigued with Sara. When they meet again, Max pursues to know more about Sara and asks her out. Eventually, Sara agrees and suggests a proposition that they both concur. In fulfilling their agreement, they both fell in love.

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