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Bedtime Poems For Your Children

Updated on February 8, 2014

A Bedtime Ritual For My Kids

I never missed the opportunity to read to my children at bedtime. I really enjoyed their anticipation and the joy with which they greeted this ritual. We always made sure that plenty of books were available, I remember that there were special favourites, Dr Seuss, The Mister Men and Thomas The Tank Engine being just a few.

I would add to the effect by reading in a very dramatic way, changing my voice to reflect the characters and their behaviour. The youngest particularly enjoyed my nightly performance. However, I had to take the opportunity to bring into the circle his soft toys. He had so many different animals which would always be on his bed whilst he slept.

I wrote some poems which "starred" these toys and the two which are included here were typical. I have unfortunately lost the rest over the passage of time but decided that this page should be written anyway.

The image on this introduction is a photograph by myself of two of these soft toys

owl, poetry for kids
owl, poetry for kids

Poem: If All my Friends Could Talk

This particular poem was written because sometimes I was just not allowed to finish. I was begged to read just one more page / story / poem depending upon how lucky they felt.

So I told my son to pretend that his furry animal toys would carry on without me until the morning when they would wake him. Nobody else would hear them and it could be his very own secret.

And we always used to leave out carrots and mince pies and sherry for father christmas on christmas eve.

The image of the owl is in the public domain

If All my Friends Could Talk

I wish my owl could talk,

He'd tell me when it's morning;

He'd wake me up from deepest sleep

And tell me day is dawning.

I wish that Ted could talk,

I know just what he'd say.

He'd wake me up and say to me,

"It's such a lovely day."

I wish my mouse could talk,

I know that he can squeak.

Oh, what a lot of things he'd say,

If he could only speak.

If all my friends could talk,

It would be so much fun

To have a conversation with them

Each and everyone.

Childrens' Poetry Anthologies - From Amazon

A Few Of The Many Poetry Books For Children. It is almost impossible to pick a favourite anthology, it is such a personaal thing. I can only recommend that you try one and if read with love, the child will love it.

Should Parents Read To Their Children

As I said above, the nightly bedtime reading session was a ritual in our house. That is not to say that reading at other times was overlooked, and indeed other opportunities were much sought after. I regret what I read in the newspapers now that many kids go to bed with TV's and games consols in their bedrooms. Am I an old reactionary?

Which is your preferred way of settlling kids down to sleep at bedtime

stuffed toy animals teddy bear
stuffed toy animals teddy bear

Poem: Your Furry Old Friends

This poem was written because there was at least one time when Turning off the light raised a cry of, "Daddy I'm frightened". Don't know why, could have been another ploy to keep me reading. But I wrote this to suggest that all the animals would look after my son during the night. It seemed to work.

This image is in the public domain.

Your Furry Old Friends

Paddington Bear stands over your head

Keeping a watch whilst you are in bed

Keeping a watch through the night

Making quite sure that your are alright.

A black and white panda sits by your feet

A comforting weight that pulls on your sheet

You’ll never be on your own

There is no reason to cry and to moan

You know all of your furry old friends

Stay close to keep you company

All of your furry old friends

Are here to keep you safe for me

A friendly old tortoise poking his nose

From under a pile of your daytime clothes

Keeping a watch al night long

Making quite sure that nothing is wrong

Paddington, Panda, Tortoise and Ellie

Sooty and Jasmine, Emu and Teddy

All of your furry old friends

All of your furry old friends

Let me know if you have any comments on reading to kids, my childrens poems or on this lens. Any suggestions for improvement would be gratefully accepted.

Any Further Thoughts On Bedtime Reading For Children - Stories Or Poems

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    • Mellithorpe profile image


      5 years ago

      I very much enjoyed reading your lens.

    • John Dyhouse profile imageAUTHOR

      John Dyhouse 

      6 years ago from UK

      @anonymous: Well I don't know about the kids but I enjoyed it and it gave me time to be with them after I came home from work. Thanks for the comment.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Bedtime is the single most important time to read to children, though other times in the day are important too and poetry is a wonderful gift to share with them just as they are about to drift into dream land. Your poems are a delight and giving me smiles right now...sweetness! I heard a while back that it is very important for children to be able to rhyme for reading success. This is very dear my dear!


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