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Beginning Blogging Tips

Updated on March 25, 2013

How to Blog

According to Google's keyword tool, many people use the phrase How to Blog looking to find the first step to blogging. Based on my experience getting started is the hardest part. For that reason, I'd say don't worry if you don't know what you're doing; you'll learn as you go. What you don't understand about blogging today will make more sense tomorrow. As you learn about the different components that will help you start earning money, you will add them step by step, rather than trying to learn them all at once and getting overwhelmed.

How to Blog

Getting started is the main thing. After you begin, you will have more incentive you learn what you don't know about and will have overcome the very biggest hurdle- beginning.

What should you blog about? Anything you want! Right now, don't worry about finding the ultimate topic. Eventually you will learn what draws traffic and what doesn't but don't let that keep you from getting started.

One tip I will give you about choosing your title, which I didn't know about when I chose "Blogging Lists" as the name of my beginning lens. Instead of trying to come up with a name that nobody has like I did, try to think of a name that people actually might be searching for, lol! (Nobody searches for the name I chose, duh!) Yeah I know, nobody knew the name Yahoo or Google until they were Google and Yahoo, but for right now, I'd say you ain't Google and neither am I.

You also don't want to choose a name that is too popular, unless you know what you're doing (as in there are already a lot of websites that come up in the searches in Google that your hub will be competing against) but learning about all of that is on down the road so don't let this keep you from starting.

Getting started on one of the free revenue sharing sites like Squiddo is a no cost, low risk way to start and learn. Learning how to blog on Squiddo will help you get acquainted with earning money with Google Ad sense, eBay and Amazon not only here, but also on other revenue sharing websites. It will also make you part of a community where others might actually read your blog and offer encouragement and traffic. Since Squiddo has already established itself in Google writing on Squiddo will help your blog get ranked faster on the front page of Google and thus, might actually be found in the search results.

Plus, there are other advantages of being part of a community like Squiddo. There are plenty of folks on the forum that will be happy to answer your questions if you really get stuck.! The thing is, it's not going to kill you (or cost you any money) to make a mistake here! (Don't worry, your friends won't even know you're doing it unless you want to let them know--it's not quite that easy to get visibility unless you choose to be visible by promoting.)

After that you will want to do a lot of reading of free material (I would not suggest signing up for any of the paid material until you learn more about what you are doing since many of the programs being marketed are just rehashes of what you can learn free). To begin with, take advantage of all the free material you can find here on Squiddo and doing a search on Google for more.

Eventually, you will learn who the big players are who might actually have something to teach you. Again, much of this basic information is free and can be gleaned from articles and newsletters marketers use on their website to get traffic to their website.

To get you started, here is a list of some of the sites I think are a good place to get free information to get you started:

Blogging tips, blogging newsletter, blogging jobs. This site is one of the first and still one of the best web sites for learning how to blog.

Tips on copy writing and lots of other things--many of it is free although they, like every other websites making any money, are peddling a lot of for pay programs. &

These are two of the best websites for learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that will help you learn about getting your blog ranked in Google

This website has a free twelve part series giving you the basics of affiliate marketing and has a paid for program as well. In addition, since Matt is an affiliate marketer, he emails you with notices of free webinars you can view promoting other programs for sale. Even though I don't buy the programs they offer, I usually learn a thing or two in the free information they give leading up to their pitch.

I have not bought this program or any of the programs from the other websites I've listed but I have read "most" of the free stuff and learned quite a bit.

This is not, and is not meant to be an exhaustive list, or maybe even in someone else's opinion the best list. As I learn about new helpful websites (and others leave me their suggestions in the comments below) I will add to the list.

This is a list to get you started, which is what the subject of this blog is all about and the first step in learning how to blog.

To find out more information about how to blog go to How to Find Work from

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