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Freelance Jurno

Updated on December 1, 2017

Being a freelance Journalist

Being a freelance Journalist, or a freelance anything is limitless. This is because you can do anything you want for the most part when it pertains to the freelance job you are doing. You don't have a set assignment or deadline, for the most part, those things are set by you and that is what makes being a freelancer limitless. The list of anything freelance is limitless and is hard work. It is limitless because of all the different things that a freelancer can do and be, a freelancer doesn't have to just be a journalist they can be anything they want. This hub, however, goes into extensive detail about how to be a freelance journalist and the different topics that can be written about. It will also talk about my own success. I am letting you know about my own success with being a freelance Journalist so that if you want to get into that, you should never give up, give it a try to see where it leads you, Being a freelance journalist can be different for everyone. Being involved in anything freelance can be different for anyone, there ideas and jobs may change throughout their time as a freelancer just because they don't have specific set hours or jobs all the time.

Have you ever wanted to be a journalist or do something in the freelance Niche? Check this out for help on figuring out to do, just that. Doing freelance doesn't just have to be, as a journalist, you can be a freelance artist or someone who works in business. But this hub is more about, being a freelance journalist because that is what I know about, more than anything. Being a freelancer is a limitless job because you are always thinking about something to do with your job since you can do it whenever it is best for you instead of having to punch in on a time clock. So check this hub out for limitless ideas on how to be a freelance journalist.

Always remember though freelance doesn't always mean free. If you are a freelance journalist or a freelancer in another aspect, remember to charge for your work. Working for free is not, what freelancer means, the word freelancer means you don't work for a specific newspaper, or blog you work for multiple newspapers or blogs and you can make your own hours because you are essentially working for yourself but hiring yourself out at the same time. Although you won't get paid as a journalist unless you are hired by a specific paper, but if an editor for a specific paper asks you how much you charge for your work don't hesitate to give them a number.

Being a freelance journalist or freelance anything takes a lot of hard work and dedication because you don't have set hours but you still have to get projects done for the people that you have been hired by in a timely manner so that they might hire you again for another job in the future. Being a freelancer you have to be your own director, there is nobody there to direct you on what to write in a certain piece, because you are not working in an office most of the time, you are working by yourself, either at home or wherever you feel you get the best work done.

A freelance journalist is someone who is very busy all the time. They are busy all the time because they might be working for what they like to call limitless amounts of papers, and they might have a limitless number of stories to finish up throughout the day or they might even be a blogger too. Doing freelancing is limitless because you aren't usually doing just one thing. You are usually doing more than one thing, all at the same time.

Doing things relating to freelance doesn't mean it's free it just means you are not contracted out to do one specific thing. A freelancer means that you are contracted out to do a number of different things at once, for example working for two or three different papers at once. Even if you are writing the same piece of writing for each paper, the papers are all different and they most likely won't publish the same piece as another paper at the same time as that paper.

Being a freelance Journalist is fun and challenging so if you are looking for something writing related, that is fun and challenging try being a freelance journalist. You will get to meet a limitless amount of interesting people and learn a limitless amount of interesting things when being a freelance journalist. So if that is what you are into then why not give it a shot.

Doing anything freelance is fun and challenging because it is limitlessly changing with each task you get assigned. Being a freelance Journalist is the most fun of all because, each story you get assigned could be completely different from the next, which means you will have limitless new experiences just to get a specific story completed.

When you are a freelance writer or journalist you get to almost be in complete control of what you write, which means you have a lot of freedom to decide what to do for an article.

Being a freelance journalist, you can work for more than one paper or magazine depending on what you want to do. It is all your decision for the most part when it comes to being a freelance journalist. You decide when you write, and how long you write, although you have to take into account what the paper says in accordance to when they want your article by so that it can be considered for a specific paper edition.

Being a freelance journalist means, that you are most likely working on limitless pieces for a limitless number of papers at a time. which also means you have to be very organized so that you don't mix up who you are sending each piece of writing too since it could all be limitlessly different at times. But always remember that the word freelance doesn't mean free, not that it can't be but if you get hired to do some writing you should be charging for it.

Why should you be charging for your work as a freelancer? is the question the answer to this question is the amount of time you put into freelancing is worth something and that is why you should be charging for your work. Another reason why is because you want people to respect you as a writer and not walk all over you.

Here are some helpful tips about being a freelance journalist and what I do when I write for a specific paper.

- Be original with your writing

- Have good grammar skills

- Be able to express yourself with ease and clarity

- Be self -disciplined

- Get a degree(not necessarily necessary)

- Pick a genre or category

- A hobby or a job decide which and work towards it

- Put yourself out there

- Write a query letter

- Be active

- Money management

- Set goals

- Build your portfolio

- The hunt

Freelance Journalists Always Have Laptops
Freelance Journalists Always Have Laptops

Being a freelance Journalist

Being a freelance journalist doesn’t just mean you need to work for one paper. You can work on several different papers when you are freelancing which means you can have a limitless number of jobs going at once. If you are hired by a specific paper to freelance for them then that is a different story, however, because you hired them, which means they want you to provide them with a service, of writing for their specific paper. What if you are just trying to get your foot in the door?

If you are trying to get your foot in the door, and possibly get hired by a specific paper, that is when you write for a number of different papers. When you write for a number of different papers at once, then you get your name out there and if someone wants to pay you for what you are writing as a freelancer then they can do it that way.

Most small newspapers take freelance writers. Sometimes you are hired by a small paper to be a freelance writer and other times you just write for them hoping to be published. If you are a freelance writer and you have not been hired on by a newspaper and you get published you are a volunteer for that paper, unless the paper tells you otherwise. I know this from experience because I do write freelance articles for a number of papers in the Windsor-Essex County area. Two of the papers that I write for I do as a volunteer and one of the papers if they publish my pieces I will be paid for. That happens sometimes, and when that happens that is a good thing because then you feel as though you are working.

When you are a freelance writer, if you are hired by a paper they might give you assignments that they want to be done at a specific time. If you are a freelancer that is just writing for, different papers and you haven’t spoken to them about getting hired on officially you can write whatever you want in the hopes of being published. Being a freelancer means you can write, whatever you want as long as you clear it with who you are writing for. A friend of mine from the St. Clair college journalism and media convergence program that I was a part of, a few years back has done this. She stuck to military reporting because that was what she wanted to do after college and three weeks ago she received her first official freelance position with the LaSalle post, her stories have ranged from fires in a brush, the oldest horse dying in his 50’s. Freelance is a great way to express your interest to the public while spreading awareness and maybe helping bring the community together. This is all depending on the story.

What she is doing now is something that I am still working towards, as mentioned before I have gotten my pieces published in a few papers.

When being a freelance writer you usually work at your own pace, depending on if you are hired by a newspaper who has set deadlines for the stories that they want from you. As it is, working at your own pace is sometimes more difficult than working for a newspaper. The reason for this is because you have to keep yourself motivated to get the work done, that you have to do for the papers you are freelancing for. Even if you are a blogger you have to be motivated to post to your blog on a daily basis.

When you are a freelance journalist, you can work solely on what interests you, if that is what you choose to do, but you should be open minded to new things so that you can bring awareness to the community that you are working in and maybe bring it closer together if that is what the story calls for. Being a freelance journalist means you can be free with what you write within reason, just make sure when you are writing that you prioritize. Get the most important thing done first, and then move on, if there is anything that I learned about being a freelancer that is it.

Organization is key for freelancers

Being a freelance journalist, means you are always on call. Which in turn can sometimes mean you are working a limitless amount of hours in order to get the job done. You could be working on a limitless number of things since being a freelancer you most likely don't just have one project to work on you have multiple. Which means you are working limitlessly to prioritize what is most important and to do that first but still do all of the other projects you have going to so you don't get behind. Being a freelancer you have to be organized recently, dedicated and scheduled so that you get everything done within the alotted time frame of what your bosses give you because you still have to hand things in on deadline if you are a freelancer you don't get to make your own deadlines.

What is a freelancer? Have you ever done freelancing? Let's Discuss

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