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To belong

Updated on December 8, 2016

Do you ever felt like you don't belong to any specified place? The point is that i want to know more about the word satisfaction and what does it have to do with all the thoughts in our mind. Some of our deepest thoughts take us places, lead us on unrevealed roads. Keeping the fact that we hope for the bright destination, we get nothing in return. How to get away from the feeling with which you wake up everyday. The feeling that you don't belong in that area. When you just know that is not your space. Do you ever felt like you don't belong to any defined person? When you feel like walking on an empty road at 2 pm and there is nobody for you to call. How can you keep the faith when you don't feel any satisfaction? I mean what is that thing that keeps you unsatisfied? Consequently, you keep torturing yourself. Despite some facts, you do the move to blame it all on yourself. Sometimes you use the phrase that you have to be able to understand situations and people. How to gain a rightful place? How to create and have a home in someone's soul? Perhaps is the time that always comes right on set. Perhaps we lose too much sleep. Scared from the fact that we going to stay deserted for a long time. We just keep craving for something that we can't even imagine. Maybe the thirst is bigger than the reality. Lord knows who or what will come on the way.


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