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Best Dr. Seuss Books For Your Child

Updated on April 4, 2013

The Best of The Best Of The Classic Kids Books

Reading Dr. Seuss Books For Your Child is a great way to spend some personal time with your kids. The Books written to perfect a child to early learning through stories and rhymes.

Dr. Seuss Books are a classic. My grandma read them to my mom, my mom read them to me and now my kids are reading them. Just like I did as a child my kids can repeat most of everything in the books and know the books from heart. The rhymes and cute short stories my kids attention for them to read or listen to it and they like the pattern or story enough to memorize it.

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A Book Everyone Should Know By Heart

"Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?" Have you and your kids ever had green eggs and ham. You really really should.

I remember after reading the book Green Eggs and Ham By Dr. Seuss we always made green eggs with food coloring. It was a fun thing and I will have to say Green Eggs And Ham is probably my favorite kids book of all time.

Make Your Own Green Eggs and Ham

I was probably about four the first time I had green eggs and ham. Although I'm pretty sure I snugged my nose at it at first, after I tried it I asked for it all the time for breakfast when at my Grandparents home.

While it does not really taste any different then regular eggs and ham, the color sure does make it special after ready the DR. Seuss Book.

Find the recipe for Green Eggs and Ham a pictured by Paula Dean at

Make It Up As You Go Along

I do not remember this book, but my son has the "My Book About Me" Dr Seuss book and I think it is kinda of cute. While the first few time we read it I had to help him a lot. But after the first time or two he remembered the answers to the questions on things like, What country he lives in or what is last name is.

My Book About Me
My Book About Me

One of the titles for the younger crowd in the Beginners Books series, My Book About Me has an unusual interactive twist--you make it up as you go along. On each page there's something new to complete, from "I weigh ___ pounds" to "My teeth. I counted them. I have ___ up top. I have ___ downstairs." It's a simple idea, but with a surprising amount of educational value--getting children to name their home country, to recognize and draw in the color of their own eyes, learn their telephone number and address, to name favorite clothes, foods, and colors, and more.


Be A Child As Long As You Can Because Your Young Only Once

"You're Only Old Once!" by Dr. Seuss is a delightful book that kids will have fun reading with their parents or alone.I remember giggling with my sisters reading this book making fun of my mom, teasing her she was old. This is defiantly a Dr. Seuss book to read to laugh.

Happy Birthday To Dr. Seuss

Buy Dr. Suess Book In Bulk On eBay

If your wanting not just one Dr. Suess Book but to buy a whole set of Dr. Suess books you can get a good deal buying them in bulk on eBay.

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