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Graphic Novels

Updated on August 31, 2017

Graphic Novels | Online Graphic Novels | Best Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent times, and are a great way of crossing great story telling with beautiful art. The surge in popularity of graphic novels have made some names like Frank Miller household names, and has led to Hollywood making several movies around the most popular graphic novels. Hopefully the integration of successful films and new animation (and computer graphics) will help graphic novels continue to find a wider and wider audience who will come to appreciate the great original form.

The All Time Classic Graphic Novel - Maus was the breakthrough that made most people accept graphic novels as truly legitimate art.

This incredible heart wrenching story details the Holocaust, and the details of trying to survive it. Maus is one of the most famous graphic novels of all time, and very deserving of its stature.

History of Graphic Novels | Evolution of Graphic Novels

Graphic novels have a long history, and deserve to be seen as serious art

Graphic Novels are fantastic pieces of work and expression, as the Maus graphic novel did a lot to usher in a modern appreciation for graphic novels and the artisitc merit they could accomplish by blending great picture art with riveting writing and story.

"Maus" might be considered a little more serious and high fare, but graphic novels take many forms. Manga in Japan was one of the main forces in moving basic comic books into a more advanced and more serious art form, though plenty was going on in Europe, as well.

TINTIN IN THE LAND OF THE SOVIETS became a wildly popular graphic novel throughout Europe, and is still available world wide to collectors. In addition to this one, some twenty somethings and thirty somethings who remember watching "Smurfs" on TV as kids might be surprised to learn that Smurfs was also originally a graphic novel - perhaps one of the most successful in history.

Art Spiegleman released "MAUS: A SURVIVOR'S TALE," which is actually a biographical story of Spiegleman's parents in World War 2 during the Holocaust. It was nominated for several mainstream literary awards, and in 1992 received a special Pulitzer Prize.

Frank Miller would come onto the scene with several extremely popular graphic novels, such as 300 and Sin City (which was a three person team effort). These both became wildly successful Hollywood films, and paved the way for more graphic novels to make the jump into Hollywood films.

Some graphic novels are surprisingly literary and more toned down in story. One example is A History of Violence which is a fantastic graphic novel that was also made into a very dark dramatic movie.

While this barely scratches the surface of the history of graphic novels, it does give a nice snap shot to the history, and some looks on where the future might be for this top notch genre.

Historic Graphic Novels

All of these graphic novels have had an influence or made some kind of an impact on the industry and are still available today.

Graphic Novels Turned Into Movies

Here's a brief list of graphic novels turned into movies

This section is a partial list of graphic novels turned into movies. This isn't a complete list of graphic novels turned into movies by a long shot, but it's at least a decent selection that shows the many films that have come from graphic novels.

As a side note: there can be a lot of argument over this, since are graphic novels really different than comics, so should Batman Begins be on here, even though it's a graphic novel from a comic book series? Should X-Men, Spider Man, or Iron Man count?

I don't know, so I'll let others argue that question as they see fit. This is just a partial list of graphic novels that have been turned into movies.


V for Vendetta


Sin City

A History of Violence

30 Days of Night

Ghost world

Road to Perdition

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

These are just a few of the movies that have been made from graphic novels, and shows a wide variety of types of stories. This is a major part of the reason that graphic novels remain extremely popular, and Hollywood is sure to keep mining the gold mine for great movie ideas for years to come.

Graphic Novels Made Into Movies - Some of the graphic novels that Hollywood has converted to film...

Here are several modern graphic novels that Hollywood has made major motion pictures out of.

Which Graphic Novel Based Movie is Tops?

This isn't about which graphic novel is best, but which Hollywood movie is best out of the group.

Which of these movies based on graphic novels is the best of the group?

See results

The Full Sin City - Sin City was a series of graphic comics, not one work like the movie was made out to be

Sin City was a great movie, but there's an entire series of graphic novels that are even better.

Graphic Novels versus Comic Books - Let the mud slinging begin...

Two similar but different art forms, or is "graphic novel" just "snob for comic books." Let the debate begin!

Are graphic novels the same as regular comic books, or are they different?

Graphic Novels from eBay

There is a wide range of graphic novels that can be found here, both new and used.

Graphic Novels for Readers Who Generally Don't Like Comics - When I look for graphic novels that non-comic people like, these are five titles that keep coming u

Graphic novels can be far different than super hero comics, and many graphic novels find fans among readers who traditionally don't like reading comics.

Not the First Graphic Novel: But Definitely a Pioneer - Jewish Graphic Novels | Classic Graphic Novels | Adult Graphic Novels

Like Maus, A Contract with God was a serious ground breaking graphic novel. Erronously called the first graphic novel, or the first to refer to itself as such, this isn't true but this 1970's graphic novel was definitely ground breaking.

Best New Graphic Novels of 2007 - New Graphic Novels | Best Graphic Novels | 2007 Graphic Novels

Not all the good graphic novels are things of the past. There are great new graphic novels being produced every day.

I hope you liked this lens on some of the best and most famous graphic novels out there.

Graphic Novel Lens - Hope You Liked It!

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    • poptastic profile image

      Cynthia Arre 8 years ago from Quezon City

      Fabulous lens and great book choices. I'm a graphic novel fan myself and have featured your lens on my Female-Friendly Graphic Novels lens. 5* (:

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      great lens!! this makes me want to read more graphic novels for sure. i have to admit, watchmen was definitely my favorite that i've read and i've always been more of a regular book / novel type of person. that book really got me interested in this whole different medium of storytelling. i still have yet to go see the movie but i've heard it's good. :)