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Laminate Like a Pro with the Best Laminating supplies

Updated on April 1, 2010

Lamination Does Wonders For Your Important Documents

Lamination creates wonders for your important documents. When you use high quality laminating supplies, you can have documents appear clean and project a professional look. However, you do not need to be a professional laminator just to create a nice laminated document. As long as you have the laminating supplies needed, you can laminate almost anything without the need for extensive training. Here are the steps that you need to understand to laminate like a professional.

Prepare the Document

The initial step in laminating is to prepare the document you wish to laminate. You can cut the unwanted sides of the paper to make the alignments better. If you have limited laminating supplies, you can consider resizing your materials. Once you are ready with the sides and size of your document, clean the materials as much as possible. Remove unwanted dirt or even strands of hair that may have adhered in the document. Make it as clean as possible to project a professional finish.

Prepare your Materials

The next step in laminating is to prepare all your laminating supplies. Be sure you have your laminating machine warmed up. Check your laminating film. Choose the film that suits your material. Remember, laminating supplies come in different sizes. If you have a large document, choose materials that are large enough to cover the entire document. If you have smaller materials, smaller sizes are more practical as they avoid wasting your laminating supplies. Once you have decided on the laminating film, have your protective carrier at hand. The protective carrier will protect your document and the laminating supplies as they pass through the rollers of the laminators. Again, the protective carrier also come in different sizes, so choose the size that will fit your materials.

Laminate Using the Laminator

Once you have all the materials ready, recheck everything for the second time to ensure that everything is clean and in place. After rechecking, you are now ready to laminate. Holding your laminating supplies, insert your prepared document in the laminator, allowing it to pass in the rollers. The rollers automatically move the document with the laminating supplies in the machine. As the document passes through the hot laminator, the hot laminating film adheres to the document and protects it. Because this type of laminator uses heat, be careful in touching the newly laminated material, as it can be very hot. Aside from this, never touch the moving rollers; otherwise, you may burn your hands. Some laminating supplies require two or three insertions to secure the document properly. If you need this, just repeat the steps mentioned above and reinsert the material in the laminator.

Laminate Without a Laminating Machine

If you do not have a laminating machine, you can still protect your documents by using laminating supplies with self-laminating pouches. Using these items, you can securely keep your important documents by simply sealing off the materials without a heat source.

Laminating is a very easy task that even a non-professional can accomplish. As long as you have the best laminating supplies, your finished lamination products will look very professional.


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