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Best Pop-Up Books For Kids & Adults Alike | 2015

Updated on February 1, 2015

Top 10 Most Impressive Pop-Up Books

Intricate and impressive pop-up books have been available for many decades, and they are still very appealing to both adults and children alike. The addition of a 3D element to bedtime stories really helps bring the tale to life, and I know from personal experience that pop-up books I had when I was a child are the ones I most remember now.

Below you will find the best 10 pop-up books I've found; each with a magical interactive element to them - they're feats of engineering for sure!

Amazing paper-fold engineering which will impress not only children, but adults too.

I hope you enjoy browsing this selection :)

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs

This 5-star rated book has been designed by the renowned masters of pop-up; Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart. The remarkable book brings dinosaurs to life in a way that regular books can't, and the content is not only fun but educational too.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs : The Definitive Pop-Up
Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs : The Definitive Pop-Up

A brilliant tribute to the awe-inspiring prehistoric creatures of the past, complete with a pop-out T-Rex! A whole host of dinosaurs are showcased including many you may not have seen before. Each one of the page spreads has a big showstopping pop-up dinosaur in the centre, with a few smaller sections on each page for more surprises.

The 3D creatures move gracefully into position with every turn of the page, and to add to the quality and ancient feel of the book, the cover is styled to look like a kind of mottled leather.

The book is not only impressive to look at, but it's also full of eyebrow-raising facts about dinosaurs, paleontology and history, delivered in a lighthearted and amusing way that young children can appreciate. It really is a book to be treasured and pored over for many years.

Recommended for ages 5+


A Look Through The Book - Plus Watch The Manufacturing Behind-the-Scenes

The next best thing to actually sampling the books in person is to watch a video showing the amazing pop-ups in action!

Pop-Up London

This top-rated book can be appreciated by both children and adults, and the spectacularly-showcased sites of London makes this book a perfect coffee table book to browse through at leisure, and would be a treat for any Londoner or admirer of the famous landmark-filled city.

Pop-Up London
Pop-Up London

A journey through London is played out within this magnificent book, with the reader being transported down the river Thames as it winds it's way through the heart of the city.

You can explore the most famous sites in London in three dimensions by lifting flaps throughout the book and examining every inch of the buildings contained within to discover all of their secrets. The sites include Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge (which you can actually raise to let a ship through!), the Houses of Parliament, 10 Downing Street and Big Ben.

Mini bios of historical figures and famous Londoners - like Kings, Queens and great talents of years past - are displayed between the landmarks, as well as spooky stories and London's deepest, darkest secrets.

Fun facts are also scattered throughout, making this a super interesting read as well as a remarkable display of paper craft constructions. So all-aboard the tour boat and I hope you enjoy the adventure!

Recommended for ages 5+


Travel Through London...

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

This beautiful homage to the classic 'Wizard Of Oz' story marks the 100th aniversary of the publication of L. Frank Baum's much-loved novel. Being a commemorative book, it also doubles as a fun collector's item and is sure to appeal to anyone who has enjoyed the tale of Dorothy and her friends in book or movie form.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: A Commemorative Pop-up
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: A Commemorative Pop-up

The imaginative use of interactive elements in this book is astonishing - not only are there pop-outs of the stars of the show, including Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion of course, but there are also magical treats including a cyclone that actually spins, and a pair of emerald green spectacles you can use to discover a hidden message!

Small booklets on each page provide the basics of the charming story of Oz, whilst the pop-ups act it out in a range of iconic scenes. Examples of the scenes covered include the melting of the cruel Wicked Witch Of The West, the dazzling Emerald City and the Wizard's hot air balloon floating in the air. For extra 'wow', shimmering foil is even used to embellish the book., and the sense of wonder and mystery is captured so well.

An enchanting book for all ages.


Follow The Yellow Brick Road...

The Castaway Pirates

Fantasy pirates are loved by children for their mischievous antics and dangerous adventures, so combining this with a humorous story is bound to be a winner. Ray Marshall is the man behind the pop-ups in this book, and has many years of paper engineering experience which includes winning the Smartie's prize for children's books - in fact, The Castaway Pirates is his 25th book!

The Castaway Pirates: A Pop-Up Tale of Bad Luck, Sharp Teeth, and Stinky Toes
The Castaway Pirates: A Pop-Up Tale of Bad Luck, Sharp Teeth, and Stinky Toes

Elaborate and colorful pop-ups fill this book, which tells the tale of pirates aboard a sinking ship, trying to avoid the circling sharks. The story is cute and amusing for kids.

Recommended for ages 1+


Arrr... Me Hearties!

Star Wars Adventure Book

This detailed book is a definite must-buy for any Star Wars fan and is a top-notch example of a quality pop-up treasure. Star Wars is a world-famous phenomenon which has built a whole new fictional universe in people's minds, and this book brings that space fantasy to life for you with a series of elaborate interactive features.

Star Wars: A Galactic Pop-up Adventure
Star Wars: A Galactic Pop-up Adventure

An epic book based on an epic movie!

There are awesome 3D scenes a-plenty in this fab book, with all kinds of interactive pages which include fold-out sections, pull tabs, and even a light-up lightsaber!

Recommended for ages 7+


In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Cinderella - A Classic Tale

A beautiful book for little princesses to treasure; this fairytale story of Cinderella has been made even more magical with adornments a-plenty! As with a few of the other pop-up stories showcased on this page, Matthew Reinhart is the experienced and truly innovative artist behind this charming book, so you know it will be of the best quality.

Cinderella: A Pop-Up Fairy Tale (Classic Collectible Pop-Up)
Cinderella: A Pop-Up Fairy Tale (Classic Collectible Pop-Up)

Bring the classic 'Cinderella' story to life with this captivating book, which includes pop-up magical carriages, dancing scenes and more; each one with little details you may not notice the first time you look.

Recommended for ages 4+


A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol set the standard for Christmas stories and has not been surpassed. This popular tale has now been given a new lease of life with beautiful pop-ups and original artworks to accompany them.

A traditional Christmas read that you can turn to every year to get you into the festive spirit, and is popular with all ages whether young or old.

A Christmas Carol: A Pop-Up Book
A Christmas Carol: A Pop-Up Book

A timeless Christmas story depicted with stunning illustrations and paper engineering masterpieces. High quality and ideal for a keepsake or gift.

Recommended for ages 6+


Take A Walk Through Victorian London...

Gods & Heroes

Children seem to have a fascination with Gods & Heroes, and I can definitely say that Ancient Egyptians were a bit of an obsession for me as a kid too, so this book is bound to hold great appeal for the majority of boys and girls. And besides delighting them with sculpted paper beasts, the book will also teach them a fact or two!

Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods and Heroes Pop-Up
Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods and Heroes Pop-Up

Mythology is an extremely interesting subject, and an absolute treasure trove of dramatic and exciting stories perfect for being transformed into 3D wonders.

Recommended for ages 5 - 9.


A Demo By One Of The Creators

Alice In Wonderland

Everyone knows the story of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland, but now you can experience the strange fantasy characters in 3D as they jump from the pages of this surreal fairy tale. The book stays true to the original tale by Lewis Carroll, whilst adding a refreshing and exciting new element in the form of interactive pages and whimsical pop-ups.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-up Adaptation
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-up Adaptation

'Alice in Wonderland' is a surreal and imaginative tale which lends itself to the world of pop-ups; with larger-than-life characters like the Cheshire cat and the Queen of hearts, plus unique scenes including walking-and-talking playing cards and a Mad Hatter having a tea party!

Recommended for ages 4+


Down The Rabbit Hole...

Harry Potter Adventures

I am a MASSIVE fan of Harry Potter, and was just the right age to grow up with the books. That's why I know that a collectable book based on the Harry Potter films would be a brilliant present for any HP fanatic like myself, especially as it even features original art by the concept artist who worked on all 8 of the films, Andrew Williamson.

Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book
Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book

The famous books paint the picture of the magic world so well, but this book adds a whole new dimension to this fantasy land.

It features dynamic displays of memorable places and events from the story, such as the Triwizard Tournament, and of course Hogwarts castle.

The text itself gives a wonderful insight on every page by offering behind-the-scenes information about the filming of the movies.

Recommended for ages 7+


A Hogwarts Tour

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